Adorable Young Guatemala Girl Sells 3 Dolls to Mom Graham for 20 Q Each

Catherine Todd

This little girl selling dolls is cute as can be! Your mother must have had a wonderful time!


The child was very clever, and happy, it was great to watch her try to maneuver my mother, and I was surprised to learn my mother can hold the price so well.


Hi Andy. Your Mom has the makings of a great bargainer . Mom Graham held her own price stubbornly, one of the best skills for bargaining. Mom Graham did a GOOD JOB bargaining with the little K'aquichel girl, who, BTW, is as cute as the little dolls she sells.. Be careful though , they can be sly little sneaks, as pretending NOT to know a word of English when in fact the little girl knew some basic English phrases pretty well. Adios, amigo.----Sal53 in Xela.

Catherine Todd

Yes, the children learn very early on "how to bargain with the gringos." They usually start at four times the price (or sometimes ten!) Don't be fooled. Offer 25percent of what they are asking, and I end up agreeing to 50percent. A Guatemalan will stick to 25percent. This little girl even admitted that she lied about her age (saying she was seven instead of ten) just to "tell a lie." Quite an interesting video.


I am often surprised when very young children approach me with " give me money", I speak back in Tagalog and it turns out "give me money" is the only fragment of English that they know. someone is teaching these kids the important English lol!


60 Quetzales for 3 dolls (20 each)

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