A Travel Quiz: Why Did I Fill a Bucket With Water, The Look at It in Sunlight?


A Travel Quiz: Why Did I Fill a Bucket With Water, The Look at It in Sunlight?


The pipes are rusty and you want to see if you ran the water long enough to clear out the rust. Rust or sediment.


Looking for parasites?


You're both heating the water for your dip shower since there is no water heater and solar irradiating the water to kill diarrhea inducing pathogens that might get in your mouth during a dip bath (sponge bath)

Solar irradiation of water is a WHO recognized and effective way to eliminate diarrhea causing organisms as long as the water reaches a temperature over 122 degrees F.


I want to know the risk of the water, I am doing a turbitity test. I am seeing if the water is clear of dirt particles, so I filled up the bucket, and instantly look at is in the sunlight. If it is dirty, it is obvious. We can drink the water, it is degrees of danger, not just yes, or no, the water here in my Hotel is GREAT!. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbidity -- Yet, with UV rays for about 12 hours, it would be purified, the 122 degree would reduce the time to maybe 3 hours, from about 12. But in reality, to do the UV purification, it would be better to put in bottles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbidity --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_water_disinfection --- We all drink the water, they wash dishes in this water, if the dishes are not 100 percent dry, then you drink the water, it is a myth that people do not drink the water, we all drink the water abroad, except for those who only cook at home, and never eat in restaurants. I drink the water here in Africa much more than Central America, or South America or Thailand, the water in Togo is very clean, in Ivory Coast it is excellent. Ghana is OK, Benin is great, but we need to learn small test of the degree of clean. And, getting water tested is not feasible.

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