A Rational on When the Book The Rules of Travel Will Be Released on Kindle


Just to add to something you said, the evaluations on the internet are completely gamed--especially TripAdvisor. I have travelled extensively (something around 100 countries, but have stopped counting--and not continuously like Andy) and used service recently in Budapest. It was terrible. I found it on-line afterwards and up came their TripAdvisor evaluations which were glowing and wonderful with nearly 2000 (!!) great evaluations and nearly no (7) bad ones.
So I wrote a detailed review, explaining exactly why the service was a waste of time and money--no inflammatory language or anything defamatory--just the truth. The service supplier sent me a very nastly and threatening email and then contacted TripAdvisor saying I was one of their competitors trying to sabotage them. Absolutely false, I gave plenty of detail and justification in my review to show that was not the case. But TripAdvisor simply erased my review--refused to answer my enquiry as to why (in fact they didn't answer my emails at all)--erased any subsequent reviews that I gave of that service.

So no one can give an honest negative review of that service and the people who look on Trip Advisor are seriously misled.

Don't trust this or other internet review sites!!


I have read a lot of comments, and lots of details, specifics, prices etc. means truth. Everything being perfect means a lie, and when the English is perfect sentences there are problems, real people are not perfect.

I appreciate your comment about TripAdvisor, there are some huge problems with Internet reviews. I want to talk with you over Skype, do an online Interview, to publish on YouTube.com.

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