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A Good Look at How Poor Families Live in Africa


I root cause of this filth is: 1. Water Management 2. Plastic trash management, and 3. Resulting Malaria increase because of Mosquitoes. /// When you put all three of them together, it makes the daily fight against to survive a stalemate, they people have trouble improving their homes above this level.

How can we help? It is not easy, for me to put this on the Internet discourages all business from coming here. When that comedian says, 50 percent of people live in abject poverty, for 1 he is wrong, it is 1 in 30-50 homes at this level, and mostly because they refuse to move back to their boring villages.

Personally, I want President Obama to say to Africa, you must ban trash bags, it would save millions of lives over the next 20 years.

Give me 10 minutes with the President of the USA, and I could explain Africa in a way he would understand, the NGO's making Africa a poster child is what perpetuate no hope.

Me, I keep coming up with new inventions, and ideas, trying to find some way of making cleaning profitable. My solar oven that would process, melt plastic, could be made for around 100 dollar each, and the hope is 1 dollars worth of re-usable plastic would be generated.

I am collecting video to make a documentary to try to expose the root causes, and the SOLUTIONS.

My personal skill which is sort of weird, I can open doors, enter real peoples homes at will, and film, no faking, no gaming, and explain reality, and propose solutions.

Testing solutions, for example, we send one huge garbage truck, film it being used, make sure it is used, and clean up communities faster than the trash arrives. 99 percent of your ONG' / NGO people never really get out of their Toyota Land Rovers.

The family across the street is my friends, I joke with the, eat Colanto's and play, we have little separation.

I would like 50,000 dollars for a documentary. 1000 dollars to run experiments with the hope of finding something the locals will adopt.

I would love to put the mother fucking bednet corruption out of business, and make manufacturing of bed nets have to be done in Africa. They compete with Africa.

I would love to talk with President Obama for 10 minutes, and get him to talk to Africa. If we had one big black basketball player from the USA tour Africa, say things like, "Do not throw plastic bags in water channels," he could save so many lives. We do not need some old white Americans collecting money, horrified, money is such a small part of the solution, it is social change, changing opinions on what is acceptable. Lyndon Johnsons wife clean up America road, by a few laws, and will, not really money.

I cannot earn enough money to self-fund all the ways I want to help.


I am on slow connection, that comedy loaded, and finally watch the whole thing, in a way it was great. He really showed how NGO's fake stuff great. Getting a shower is easy anywhere, except for Tibet maybe. I am always amazed that people act like they even come close to living the same as the locals. I have lived in some truly horrible hotels, but my skills are so good, hard to accidentally do that any more.

The big generalizations that are not true, like 50 percent live in abject poverty kills whole countries ability to promote factories, jobs, that cause real change. Africa has a work force that will work for 1-2 dollar per day, and not a factory to be seen.

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