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A 6:30 AM Morning Walk Where I Accidentally Met Students Going to 3 Different Schools


6-6:30am is really an early start for school but in the cool of the day. How many hours, on average, is their school day?


It is always a mystery to me on school times. Even though school may start at 6:30 here, or even in Central and South America is about the same. The students will arrive one-half hour late, as well as the teachers. Then, always seem be lounging around outside, to actually see student inside a classroom in Africa, Central, or South America is sort of rare. At best, I think they have school to noon. I see school as a babysitting process on the planet. They walk home at 4:00 here, but truly this is a mystery to me, I can never get a straight answer about School times on the planet. My mother drove me crazy asking this question in Guatemala. She would see students in uniforms walking around, and say, "Why are they not in school?" I would say, "The go to school, and then they take a break." The teaches arrive way late, and the concept of time is just a word, not something real in Africa, Central, or South America.


In Venezuela it was exactly that way. Kids sort of stream to school over the course of the morning and straggle home in the afternoon. During the day the classrooms are often empty.

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