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60 USD X-Rays Imessa Hospital Solola Guatemala Shows Elbow is Good, Tibia 4 More Weeks - Dominican Republic Wanted 350 USD for Same

Like a breath of fresh air, going to the Guatemala “Imessa” Hospital in the city of Solola. Clean, efficient, and free coffee, the hospital was professional. I paid 150 Quetzales, around 20 USD for 2 digital views of each break. 150 for elbow, and 150 for tibia, so 300 total. Then another 150 for the consultation from orthopedic doctor Patricia Dominguez, she spoke simple English which was 10 times better than any of the doctors in Sosua, Cabarete Medical Center, Dominican Republic in Sosua. , Doctor Arias was good, but horrible for English. I speak great Spanish, but medical terms. So, CMC at Sosua wanted 350-400 for the same service, while Imessa Solola, Hospital, where paid 450 Quetzales or 60 USD. Thank you Guatemala, Andy Lee Graham

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