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4th of July List of Reasons to be Grateful

A grateful person refuses to allow themselves to be captured.


4th of July List of Reasons to be Grateful

Page Turner

This is your mom. So thankful you are grateful for being born and raised in the USA. I am grateful for so many things. Most of all I am grateful for God's love and my global families happiness and love. So much joy to share with every single member and especially you Andy. I am grateful I traveled with you for a winter. Some days I feel like a droopy old chicken who cannot lay eggs anymore but I even am grateful for that. Every morning I wake up with another day in my life to enjoy is a great day. God blessed us when we were born in the United States of America , the home of the free and the land of the brave.and all the brave men and women who keep it that way. Happy July 4th.

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