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186 Dollar Plane Ticket from Orlando Florida to Oslo Norway


Hi, I'm new here and was wondering how you managed to get such an inexpensive ticket to Norway? I just returned from Iceland a few weeks ago, bought my ticket well in advance, and spent over $1000 USD on round trip airfare.


Many ways to save money on plane tickets, and this is the problem. One time you need to buy in advance, another time 2 days before is better. There are so many combinations of 2 cities on the planet, the place you leave, and the place you arrive. I am already good, but after I get the best price ticket I can find, before I buy, I call or write Jeroen, a Holland man who live in Bangkok, Thailand and he normally beat its. I found 2 different round trip tickets to Bucharest, Romania or Sofia, Bulgaria for 670 from Chicago. But I did not want a round trip ticket, I wanted to stay open.

Jeroen recommended And, I was willing to stop in Norway, why not? I am a traveler.

147 from Fort Wayne to Orlando, Florida.
Orlando, Florida to Oslo for 186
Oslo to Zadar, Croatia for 32 dollars with Ryanair.

Calling Jeroen before you fly, always saves money. But, like me, he works as a consultant for money.

Same as me, Andy Graham 50 for one hour, or 35 for 3 hours. I always recommend 3 for Jeroen because everyone buys plane tickets. I am much better at choosing paradise hotels, or doing the What If? But he can make sure of every Visa or plane problems.

Thanks, Andy

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