Vaccinations for Travel

List of vaccinations MAYBE you want before you travel abroad for vacation.

Generally any Doctor will give you something for any fear you have, but in reality the only vaccination that may be needed for travel is the yellow fever vaccination. There are many countries that require you to carry a yellow fever vaccination card to enter the country. There are few now that are requiring you to prove you do not have AIDSs.

As normal, it is best to talk with a Doctor, but this link is maybe a better place to start:

Medicines to Carry: Generally any medicine you need can be purchase over the counter easily and five time cheaper. If you wish to use Malaria medicine, you must buy before you leave.

Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (Revaxis)  10 years
Hepatitis A  Long Term
Hepatitis A&B  10-20 years
Hepatitis B  10 years
Inactivated Influenza (Flu) Vaccine  1 year
Japanese B Encephalitis   1 year
Meningitis (ACWY) 5 Years
MMR  11 years
Polio (Revaxis)
Rabies  1-2 years
Tick Borne encephalitis  1-3 years
Typhoid  3 years
Typhoid & Hepatitis A  Long Term
Varivax (varicella vaccine)   9 years
Yellow Fever   10 years

Vaccination Articles:

Vaccines Are Profitable, So What?
Yes, Big Pharma is making money from immunizations. But that doesn't mean anyone should skip the shots.


Yellow fever has a reduced time active in the body l believe, depends on lastest information, worth the note as coming out of colombia,african regions too. Whats your update Andy


I wrote one of my best friends, now a doctor, a world traveler in remission for an answer about Yellow Fever vaccinations etc. Thanks Steve. --- Andy


Does anyone have information on Benin, Africa? I cannot seem to find it on the blog.

Thank you!

Sandra Meyer

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