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Where do you Live when you can Live Anywhere?

There are people who never stop planning trips, they wander the planet for years as perpetual travelers, where do they go, and why?

Travel is great way to prove you are not a bum, generally people who travel have extra money, they are not bums. I call myself a Hobo, which is about searching for work, in reality there is nothing about me that resembles a bum, which is generally stupid to think of me as poor, or a bum, but I do understand.

Where to go?
The first questions asked concerning travel are obsessed with where to go, and why. This is because the person want to know how much it will cost, with the hope they will get a good value for the amount of pleasure they buy.

I do not like to talk with tourists, I only want to talk with people who have gone to novel locations, or who have been outside roaming the world for over three years. The reason is simple, if the person discovers I have been out for 14 years, and have visited 90 countries, they start their questions.

Where to go and why? As if for some reason I am their analyst, their travel agent, and can help them make decisions. I will often say,
"What do you like to do?"

I meet workaholics, and I say,
"you like to work, why would you travel, it would feel unnatural and make you feel uncomfortable to have free floating time."

Answering the question, where to go?

One absolute truth is, people hang out where they like to be --- to see a tourist attraction is mainly about bragging, and sometimes educational, but at the end, most people would refuse to go see things like the Eiffel Tower if they could not revel in the explanation to friends. People want the glee of saying,
"I went here, and since this."

The tourist industry is offering up the biggest things to brag about, which makes Las Vegas a funky trip, they are pushing the idea of never talking about fantasy sex or the debauchery they experienced in Las Vegas. If there is one thing that is guaranteed about debauchery, they will tell others, do not tell, but tell everyone.

Successful travel is a contentment, and satisfaction of the money spent:

If you are not content just sitting at home watching TV, you will not be content traveling, it will not make you a better person, just a person in a different location.

Successful travel is easy enough, and for me, I continually am searching for other seasoned travelers who have truly visited many countries or locations. If they have been to 50 countries, then they have the ability to compare. If a person has only been to one location, there is no ability to compare, it is the comparison and contrasting that helps, not knowing one location, that is about of zero value.

People who do not care where they go, they just like to go.

I like to live, I enjoy my day, I truly do not care much where I go, I just like to hang out somewhere with a few good conversationalists.

There are people who say,
"I would never go there."

This person is generally not the correct person to ask advice, the never-ending question where to go? There are many people who will go anywhere, for about any reason, they are incredibly open to new experience, while the person who say, I need this, I need that, is not open to much of anything.

There are very few people on the planet who can live anywhere they want, I am one of them, I just go where I want to be at the moment, and I do not sit around defending a location as the best, it is the location where I am at today, there is no need for loyalty.

I want good ideas on places to go for me, not for you, it is always amazing how people recommend I go to a place they want to go, no concern whatsoever if it is a good fit for me, or empathy that I would like the location.

How do you know a person likes a place? The go and do not leave, or they go to the location repeatedly.

Where do people go, when the can go anywhere? This is an incredibly valuable thing to know, when we know at the end of the day, and admit the question, where to go on the whole planet is huge question. In the end, people will just buy something to relieve the pressure of thinking, and because they have X amount of money.

List of place where people go, who can live anywhere.


I am in Phoenix, Arizona right now and on my daily walk I just found out that you can rent an an apartment (in a nice neighborhood) here for $350 with electricity included. I think you would like it here in Arizona. I personally prefer California better (then again I am from California),but California is expensive. Anyhow, I always think of your original $500 a month challenge and when I visit a town/city I try to imagine if I could meet the $500 a month challenge in that town/city. It isn't often that I find a place in the USA that can do that, but surprisingly in Phoenix you can.


I think Paradise could be described as a place where I never need to think about money. I can live in Europe or the USA on 500 USD per month and have many times, I have been to Europe about eight times. The biggest hindrance to finding a great cheap room is when you listen to the 95 percent say the room does not exist, even though then never looked, somehow the know something they never tried to do.

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