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Social Security Disability Traveler

Social Security Disability checks enable a high percentage of people to travel or live abroad.

Fri, 28 Sep 2012 03:15:32

I have a list of the types of travelers, for example, adventure, beach bums, and volunteers, and today I am adding number 159,
"Social Security Disability Travelers."
Types of Travel

In my estimation between three and 10 percent of people who live outside the USA are funded by Social Security Disability Checks. I became aware of a girl riding bikes around the world a month ago that funded her travels with Social Security Disability money. This opened my eyes, and now I have discovered many people on Social Security Disability.

Social Security

The Dole is Similar in UK
In the UK, Europe, and Australia people get on the "Dole," which is a form of welfare, unemployment, of money given to people who need money to live. Generally, 15-20 percent of the countries on the planet, the over-developed ones give money to people who cannot work, refuse to work, disabled, insane, or for 100's of other reasons. This is a good way of keeping beggars off the streets, and stop them from annoying people.

As a USA tax payer, it can be annoying to think,
"I am paying for all these people."

However, I have accepted that paying money to keep this segment of the culture happy is a good idea. And, there are truly disabled people who need help, and are incapable of earning money. It is humurous to hear an American complaining about beggars, street people in countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Peru etc. knowing that America has the same, while the USA is just good at paying to hide them.

This is one argument against "Universal Health-care," because when people find a way to pay for these Doctors, then many just stop working because all their basic needs, or fears are belayed.

Recommendation to Travelers

Be diplomatic, ask few questions on why, or how people have money, do not discuss earning money, because you are surrounded by people who do not earn money, but receive money, you will make people angry. Giving your opinion is not going to change the world, and it stops your ability to understand what is happening, or to learn the truth so that you can change the world.

I used to think people admired people who worked hard, but the world has changed, I now believe the present generation admires the people who know how to game the system.

The list of "Types of Travel" can be used for brainstorming, read the list to learn idea on how to travel.
Types of Travel


Social Security Disability Traveler