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Sequential Country Living

There is a type of travel called sequential county living where a person move to next country and slowly visits the planet.

There is a natural travel path from country to country, when a person moves from country to country, it is called sequential country living. There can be a series, a number of things, actions, or events arranged or happening in a specific order or having a specific connection

Generally there is a connection between countries common senses leads traveler to visit the next country. If you are traveling through Central America people travel from Guatemala to Honduras to Costa Rica, this is the natural path. While many people fly from Nepal to Thailand only because the airfare is cheap, and it is the simple way to go to Southeast Asia.

Sequential travel is natural, it is traveling downstream, and not upstream, it is the easy and natural way of traveling the world.


Sequential Country Living - I think this one fits me.
I have been planing to retire for about 10 years. and seeing the world at slow pace sounds amazing.
i have already done the back packer 90day across Asia 90days across East Africa and 90days across Latin America
all of them have pros and cons of what i want and don't want. For a long time i was focused on "long term visa" being a issue for me. But after joining this site it has helped me rethink that and instead look for hubs "travel points" i really like the Thailand,Cambodia and Vietnam trip via Bus or Motor bike staying as long as the visa allows for each. I am now focused more on the west coast of Africa either going from The Gambia to Togo or from Togo to The Gambia. I am looking for the best path both friendly and easiest to navigate that will allow visa's at the boarder with out any major issues.

"A big thanks to Andy for making this very useful site."


Has anyone made this journey in west Africa? any tips or advice on routs to take from Togo to The Gambia or vice versa is always greatly appreciated.

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