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Today I Like Seth Godin Dr, Ivan Joseph And Mark Bowden

I want to celebrate, champion the like button, last week we put it on the Hobo Traveler site, and there is no DISLIKE BUTTON, which is a temptation.

Like Button

I want to celebrate, champion the like button, last we put it on the Hobo Traveler site, and no DISLIKE BUTTON.

There is real power in using the like button, but is there a need for a dislike button? Is there anyway to give constructive criticism that works? Or is the real solution to like the good, and ignore the bad out of existence?

Today, I want to click “I LIKE” on:

I like Seth Godins article: "Is Google Making The Web Stupid?"

I like TED talk video:  Dr. Ivan Joseph (See Below)

I like TED talk video: Mark Bowden (See Below)

We put a “Like Button,” on the Hobo Traveler member’s wall a week ago, and hopefully, Boy Genius Andrew will have it anywhere, and everywhere soon.

What does the like button do?

1. It says, we read, looked, or paid attention to you, we are not indifferent.

2. We encourage you.

3. We are thinking, our brains are working, we are up to the task.

Yet, is there a need for a dislike button?

I do not believe so, but there is another problem, there are times when people jump on a rant, quibble, argue, and everyone likes to read the soap opera that unfold. Negative rants sell newspapers, CNN celebrates controversy. Can there be a God, and all go to heaven, if there is no hell?

Choose you like carefully, read what Seth has to say today, watch the two videos below. We can be a person of respect, that makes our children proud, that makes our mothers smile, it possible, but maybe by ignoring the negatives out of existence.

Life is Good!

Andy Lee Graham

Seth Godin


Ivan Joseph


Mark Bowden



We can hope that people like the ideas that make us better people, and somehow the quibbles just suddenly disappear.

Thanks, Seth, Ivan, and Mark, I like, for making my day better.

Andy Lee Graham

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Mark Bowden title=
Dr. Ivan Joseph
Seth Godin
Using the like button is real power, maybe, but not always, I guess it is negotiable.