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The Two Best Truth Serums

Do you want to discover your inner child, the true you?

The Two Best Truth Serums
“All'.s fair in love and war.”

And Travel…

I am a world traveler, and travel is a truth serum, people often live a different life abroad, than at home. They can be honest with a complete stranger they will never see again -- they can be extremely dishonest.

Truth Serum

The 2 Best Truth Serums

“What they say is the lie, what they do is the truth.”

1. Alcohol - A drug that shut off the brains editing powers.

2. Travel - No consequence with friends, you will never see them again, it is amazing how this allows them to show their inner selves.

I often hear friends say,
“Alcohol is a truth serum.”
How people act when they are drunk is who they really are, but the same for traveler, or tourists, especially the solo, independent traveler.

A truth serum is used to obtain information from subjects who are unable or unwilling to provide it otherwise. Many divorces and failed business partnerships could be avoided.

Life is a never-ending series of small and large partnership agreements. I am going to talk to someone today, and I will say,
“Do you want to meet for dinner tonight?”
I must believe the partner will arrive for dinner, and isn't it amazing the number of excuses we hear each day on why they need to cancel. I personally want people to tell me the truth, and stop wasting my time.

Wouldn't it be nice to give a truth serum to your lover, fiance, wife or husband? I would love to give one to new friends, test them, someone learn if they were capable of being a good friend.

Yet,I believe for many, the fear is,
“They would use the truth serum on me.”

After 15 years of perpetual travel, and 90 countries, there is one thing I am quite sure of,
“I am a good guy.”

The best use of truth serum is on yourself, and solo or independent travel is a great way to reveal your inner thoughts. Travel gives a person wild temptations, with no consequences.

If you want to give yourself a truth serum, travel alone to another country, the person you become is the real you.

I am always watching, and how you treat the waitress is often the story of your life.

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