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I am Searching Desperately to Trust You, PLEASE Show Me "The Work" - "The Creator" and "The Publisher."

How to find truth in what you say? It takes a lot time some days.

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:37:28

Manic Hooker in Sosua

"A photo can tell a million believable lies, never trust a photo."
- Andy Graham

Prod the photographer, nod at the photographer, tell your new friend, a photographer he or she is good.
"Joe, you take great photos."

Then just say,

The photographer will suddenly change from a great photographer into a graphics design person who can alter any photo to make it "REAL." Hmm, that is not correct, to make it better, yes, that is it, no, it is to make it better than real, or maybe best to say,and to say, and to make it un-real. I am not sure anymore, they took a photo, and the goal was not to record the real world.

Body Language is not debatable, how do you have a debate with body language? If you pause, drop the ball, open the brain, you can sense that a photograph is just recorded body language.

Body Language and Andy Graham

As many readers are aware, as my close friends are overly aware, I have been preoccupied with learning "Body Language," here in the month of living in Sosua, Dominican Republic. I have watch maybe 150 videos, shows, I read, I write about, I think about, I am obsessed to learn "Body Language." Yet, the truth is this, we all understand body language, we are all fluent in this language, our subconscious accurately obeys body language.

Body Language Replies:
A person walks up to you, this person tells you information with their body language, and rather you realize it or not, you respond, you reply to the person.

Have you ever met a great politician, someone who is really famous? I do hope you have, there is no greater oozing feeling than when a politician enters the room, it is as if there was maple syrup put on your senses. there is a warmness that bleeds into your space. Suddenly, you feel good, and this feeling is worth repeating, please keep it up, "Sir, I enjoy listening," I am addicted to your body language.

I call this "Personality Plus," a person with a great personality and big "Plus," sign about his head.

I am at War with Soul:

I need a God, something really big, something greater than me, something to believe in. I have travel the world, I write, I tell a story, I explain my world from my perspective, it is my story, it is my life, as I see it. Yet, I have travel so far, so far away from safe haven, from the family, from my own culture, I am over the edge, I am further away than you can even imagine.

And, I am still searching for the truth, I want to know there is safe harbor, that out here in the world someone love me, and cares enough to tell me the truth.

Wikipedia Started this Rant

I am in the process of making page on, or I hope, called,
Andy Lee Graham.

And, Wiki wants "Reliable Sources."

I do not want this job, I do not want to make a page about myself, and yet, the only person who knows me well enough is me. Strangely, I must do this page, it is part of the suck up to Google, make a Brand way, be popular or die demand that Google has places on our network of sites. I call it,
"The bigger pile of bullshit theory."

Whoever talk the most, tells the most amount of bullshit wins, and here in lies the pain, I cannot just allow a Yes to be Yes, and a No to be No, the world wants me to self-promote, they want me to put my "FACE" on the Book, and say to the world in a completely plausible way, I am famous.

"I do NOT want to be Famous."

Aagh, OK, I have been studying a few of my friends "Wiki" pages: These are people I know, well, good enough to call on

Time for a "Quote," something nice about fame.

“Don't confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.”
- Erma Bombeck quotes (U.S. humorist, 1927-1996)


I am making a page about myself, and truly I hate writing nice things about myself, or even trying to make myself appear worthy of a Wiki page. Yet, I am sure it is time, I am there, I have paid my dues.

Yet, wiki does not really allow this label.

One wrong move, and I am mislabeled for eternity, when the churnalism turns ons, ramps up, and they tell me who I am.



I am Searching Desperately to Trust You, PLEASE Show Me "The Work" - "The Creator" and "The Publisher."