Travelers or Travellers Defined

Generally, 95 percent of the people who call themselves Traveler are not, they arrived confused and will leave confused.

A traveler carries a towel.
A traveler needs a reading light because they read books, they are not big sightseers.
A traveler leaves with one bag and returns with one bag, and does not send one home.
A traveler knows the name of 3 cheap guidebooks.
A traveler uses the internet daily.
A traveler works only temporary jobs - or earns money from afar, or has retirement money.
A traveler ask what day it is, and a tourist wants to know the time.
A traveler refuses to take the same path home.
A traveler can hit the hole of a squat toilet.
A traveler buys a one way ticket.
A traveler doe not have a mobile phone, a tourist does, not saying they cannot, but it is not needed.
A traveler does not iron their clothes.
A traveler always knows the price of something before they make a purchase.
A traveler never says, "But it's so cheap." They always want it cheaper.
A traveler travels other place then the USA and Europe.
A traveler walks slow a tourist walks fast.
A traveler knows better then to pay for a meal with a credit card.
A traveler will explain in U.S. dollars because they know the world uses dollars.
A traveler will know how to say hello in many languages.
A traveler has a piece of clothing from more than five countries in their bag.
A traveler normally travels and an independent or solo traveler as the girlfriend or boyfriend needs to return to the nest.
A traveler has slept with bedbugs on more than one occasion!
A traveler changes routes, itineraries, schedules and wanders the planet.
A traveler never stays in one location more than three months.
A traveler calculates the distance in terms of time, normally calculates by bus travel time.
A traveler does not turn down free.
A traveler feels no compulsion to tip because they know this is not a world custom.
A traveler knows that to go everywhere on the planet they cannot avoid getting dirty.
A traveler does not read Hobo Travel Tips or Blogger because they do not have time or the money.
A traveler does not know when they are going home.
A traveler has nothing at home, because they have no home.
A traveler does not buy souvenirs because they are not going home.
A traveler does give to beggars unless it is obvious the person cannot work.
A traveler know the best way to do laundry is to do one to three pieces in the shower daily.
A traveler does not care about weekends.
"The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he comes to see.

A tourist does not carry a towel, they expect one to be in the Hotel.
A tourist does not need a reading light, because they sightsee continuously.
A tourist leaves with one bag and returns with many, and even ships one home.
A tourist cares about the weekend.
A tourist will have the bellman carry the bags, and the taxi waiting at the door.
A tourist buys a round trip ticket.
A tourist buys an around the world plane ticket.
A tourist believe the other tourist know what they are doing.
A tourist only thinks in terms of airplane travel time.
A tourist pays with a credit card.
A tourist always tips.
A tourist does not know what a squat toilet is.
A tourist buys travelers checks in their home country.
A tourist wants to rent a car.
A tourist has an itinerary
A tourist pays what the taxi driver tell him or her, did not negotiate.
A tourist spend money freely because they are going back to their job.
A tourist knows they are going home.
A tourist gives money to beggars because they do not know they are making more.
A tourist does not read travel tips because they do not understand.
"The tourist sees what he comes to see. "The traveler sees what he sees."

We need to give good, honest and transparent advice to other travelers, it is the rules of the road. (Wade)
- If we do this one thing wrong, there is nothing in our lives we are doing right...

"I have been traveling for 40 years."
"I have taken a vacation every year for 40 years."

American Travelers
We know better than to say we are American, as not to offend Central and South Americans
We say, United States, not the State, then tell the biggest city close to our home.

A tourist will focus on the types of food served, and a traveler will focus on the price.

A traveler is extremely selfish.
A traveler will figure out ways to cheat people, not big, however short change a deal.
A traveler does not feel guilty when a person gives them too much change, or does not force them to pay.
A traveler will find the loophole in the system.
A traveler does not feel the need to pay taxes, they owe the government of their country nothing.
A traveler will find a way to get on the dole, collect unemployment, or free medical, they abuse the system.
A traveler believes they know more than the guidebooks.
A traveler will wish to be anonymous, they do not want their picture taken, they are hiding something.
A traveler will not work hard, they put in the minimums.

Follow the money, prod the person to explain how they have enough money to travel.
A PT or Perpetual Traveler does not own a home, or rent an apartment by the year.
A Perpetual Traveler does not live in one location more than three months.
A perpetual Traveler has monthly income, they do not return home to work.
A perpetual Traveler has trouble receiving snail mail, they really just move too much.

STORIES told by Travelers
How I was cheated
Taxi stories
Girl stories
Best place for this or that.
Beggar stories
Worst hotel stories
How cheap I have lived in this or that place.
Which countries spit the most.
Toilet Stories

What is a Real Traveler? This is a myth, legend, however fun to postulate and antagonize.
A real traveler goes to places on there own and lives in place where there is no tourist.
A real traveler avoids any hotel, restaurant, train, or method of the lemmings.
A real traveler will be the first one to a new place, and the first one to leave a NEW place.

A traveler has no plans for going home, therefore he or she will constantly dwells on ways to keep traveling, they will sacrifice most conveniences in exchange for one more day traveling. They will calculate how much everything cost in terms of how much to live one more day on the road.

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