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Boring Tourist Destinations are Valuable

Understanding of a tourist location starts the first day you are bored, it is when you take off the rose colored glasses.


BoredWhen did you become bored with your wife or husband?

On that day, you either started taking the path toward divorce, or you accepted that love is not alway great "Bed" time.

Tourists often say to me,
"How can you be bored with X location?

With malace for none, and charity for all, I try to say nothing, I want to change the subject. Tourist run around in a frenzy, they are always excited, they are having a orgy of excitement for two weeks and they go home. I want to stay out of the orgy, overexcited children full of curiosity, yet very little true understanding.

If we love our mate, we learn to appreciate the boring times. And the same is true for the best places to live abroad. Generally, a tourist location is a horrible place to live abroad, it is a good one night stand, and a horrible love affair.

Love starts on the first day we are bored, true appreciation for all the small things.

When a person is bored, I am happy, maybe they leave.

Many people work all their lives to avoid being bored, they need to stay busy, it is the truly creative, imaginative, and willing to work people who are never bored.

Working is a sad solution to boredom, working on a hobby is a great one.

Phil J

I totally agree. I just came off of a cruise from Honolulu, Hawaii to Sydney, Australia via French Polynesia. I was totally amazed at the tourists who rushed around attending every movie, lecture, and program till they were exhausted. And then spent every day for 4 days relentlessly making sure they saw every square inch of Papeete, Bora Bora, Moorea, and Raiatea. I on the other hand, never even went ashore in Lahina, Maui, Moorea, or Raiatea. And I had a wonderful, fulfilling and rewarding cruise. I frequently slept late, had a late breakfast, just walked around on deck, and visited with fellow passengers.
I think some people try to hard to enjoy life. I spent spare time writing, a journal of my cruise, more add on chapters to my short story which had morphed into chapter one of a book. I had such a great time on my first ever cruise that I plan on doing it many more times. I never lived to work. I worked to live. And my hobbies now are so interesting that I just relax and totally, leisurely enjoy life. I have no time for the over active one night stand tourist idea.
I feel that it takes at least a week to find the best place for morning coffee and a decent place for pizza or fried chicken. I speak from experience. It took me that long in Panajachal, Guatemala. So I will just continue not quite being the tourist in tourist hangouts.

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