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Travel Writers Wanted Must Drink to Excess and Be Nuts - Travel Writing

Wanted Travel Writers who drink to excess, crazy, nuts, and obsessively searching for the real story behind the story, to write an authentic moment.

Thu, 10 Nov 2011 02:18:24

Travel Writer

Alcoholics make good travel writers, and we need good alcoholics to write on, or one of the 100 portals where foreigners live abroad.

I am a recovering alcoholic, as best I can figure, I will have 25 years of sobriety on February 12, 2012 --- for 25 years I have stopped being a drunk, a jerk in remission.

Yesterday, I call up a friend of mine trying to do research, Hobo network is going to add another 25-50 Internet Domains, / cities to the already 75 cities, these great places to live in abroad, or overseas. Generally the 100-150 cities where savvy people want to hang out or live for long period. Not necessarily live, but stay for a few months.

My Search for Obsessive Compulsive Thinkers?

Ergo an Alcoholic

I need incredibly anal, obsessive, compulsive people who think about something and never stop --- that is an alcoholic. Well, first they obsess about the next drink, but with a beer in their hand, maybe they stop thinking debauchery long enough to get angry.

First is always the father or mother, but some branch out onto crazy little obsessions... this is where I step up to the plate.

I want all the alcoholics of the planet, the ones that want to quit the normal live and go travel to obsess on the question,
"Where are the best cities to live abroad on the planet?"
There are smart alcoholics, that know drinking abroad for cheap, is a better life, then working 40 hours per week in a nagging world of, obsessed workaholics.

I have a list of Internet Sites for foreigners that is growing:

Hmm, I have two list, disorganized, but evolving.:

Expat Cities or Best Locations for 1-3 Monthss.

Talking to my friends on - Not quite understanding.

What happens is this, I can call up a person who has lived in 25 cities on the planet for a week or two. What I want to know is, is there group of foreigners, commonly called expats who live in this city all 12 months of the year.

Is there an expat colony there? Generally, then cannot be clear, they tell me travel attractions --- I want an place to hang out!

A really savvy, I mean ultimate traveler type, the 1 in a million would be able to tell me:

Yes, then name a few people by name who live in the city,
then say,
"Andy, they hang out in Lago Atitlan at the Parada for Coffee in the morning, or the drinkers hang out the Palapas, on Saturday there is a cookout, you could meet them all there and make friends."

That is the sentence I want to hear from any Travel Writer on the planet, if I do not hear a sentence like that, I have almost zero respect for them as a travel writer. Why, first of all, I am obsessed alcoholic, in remission, but I am obsessed. I want to find great travel destinations to live and like, and enjoy and savor.

Life is about people, not things, unless you have no friends - (50 percent)

Being alone on a deserted island is a marketing scheme sold to an idiot tourist, only a fool will stay in a place alone for longer than two days. We either need other foreigner or a few local babes to occupy our time.

This is why the swimming pool in a five star hotel is great, if it has people, if not, then the bar, if not, you chose the wrong hotel. Generally though, only a multi-millionaire can stay longer than two weeks in five star hotel, to stay three months is beyone the money capacity of average people. (Search for Hotels, then search for people blogging about the Swimming Pool.)

We all want to be social, that is what it means to put you face on facebook.

A travel writer has to know where the people hang out to a good, or great obsessive traveling alcoholic writer. If a travel writer only writes cliches and tell me about what I will see, without the people, I am doomed to pay for misery, just another travel writer writing fancy advertisements.

I hate reading advertisments for travel destinations, so I almost never read travel writing, a waste of my time, and 99 percent to tell me where to find friends. I do not need another place to brag about, I do not want to tell you I seen the Pyramids in Cairo, I do not want to talk about Machu Picchu, I just do not care that I have seen the Champs d'Elysee or I am fluent in French and Spanish, and most of all, you do not want to hear me brag.

Tourism thrives on one huge reason, the places the tourist visits must be a good brag when you return home. But generally, people brag more when the place has some good friends, therefore where is the Expat hangout.

I need obsessive alcoholics to write about these locations for free, just because they want to share, knowing if they share, then can also get others to share. Ony by getting people who do not want to make money to help, can we really help. Being I am the editor, i get to keep the Travel Writers from writing endless pages of Advertisments deguised as Travel Articles.

I always am obsessing to find a Kool Spot - (Movie Magic Trip 2011)

I am looking for people to alcoholically obsess on the question,
"Where are the Expat colonies, how can I find locations where people live all year round, they are nice, helpful, and I can have friends?"

I only have one clear identifier of heavy populated Expat colony that is findable on the Internet sometimes. What I do is search for:

Used Book in English WITH City
For Sosua, Dominican Republic where I am presently located

Used Books English Sosua Dominican Republic

IF, I can find a true used bookstore in a city, selling books in English, they must be used, then I found what may be an expat colony, you find the books, you find the bored foreigners.

All this is string logic, you pull a string, and out comes another string, that is why alcoholics are great, they obsess, and once into the obsession, they forget why they are obsesing, but in a haze, they continue.

Fun stuff, love without passion is not love.

Ok, the alcoholics need to click on Join above and sign up to start.

Travel Writers Wanted Must Drink to Excess and Be Nuts - Travel Writing