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The Writer Who Lost His Way

As long as we keep writing, and keep walking,, we will find the way...

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 13:47:58

 The Way

The Writer Who Lost His Way

I wrote a paper at Indiana University, which started out with a quote from the music group REO Speedwagon,
“Recently I’ve been thinkin about what I am and where my priorities lie
Gettin it together on some future plan, decidin what I need to get by,”
Then, if I remember right, my friend Woody got me to drop,
“raison d'etre,”

To say the least, in a very natural way, I was trying to hard.

I am now age 62, and looking for the way; this is what I believe,
“If I write enough, I can find me.”
“If I walk long enough, I will find me.”

I will write long enough, and walk long enough to find you, and then it can be we, not me.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham