Travel Writing

Travel Writing is a genre of writing, this page will explain various writing tips that apply to Travel Writers.

Here is a list of techniques I use to engage my readers of the Travel Blogs, one of the Top 10 Travel Blogs in the World.

10 Mysteries About Travel Writers

Travel writing and travel writers are a mysterious bunch. I sometimes call myself a travel writer, but then duck for fear of getting hit upside the head.

How To Write An Essay Introduction - Travel Writing

Dream of changing the world with one paragraph, to dream our readers are stealing hours from their masters. To dream, people want to read what we write at 3 am in the morning.

Largest Circulation

What type of travel writing has the "Largest Circulation?" There are many ways of looking at this and i the end finding advertisers is the goal.

The Writer Who Lost His Way

As long as we keep writing, and keep walking,, we will find the way...

Travel Writers Wanted Must Drink to Excess and Be Nuts - Travel Writing

Wanted Travel Writers who drink to excess, crazy, nuts, and obsessively searching for the real story behind the story, to write an authentic moment.

Travel Writing

Travel Writing is a genre of writing, this page will explain various writing tips that apply to Travel Writers.

Writing And Sobriety Is Constant Fear Ignored

We are all afraid, we can ignore each other, or we can ignore fear, make a choice to ignore fear, and life is good, or get drunk on your fears.

Types of Travel Writing
Blogs for Family and Friends
Blogs to Earn Money to Travel
Blogs to Earn Money, but do not Travel
Articles written by Advertisers to be inserted into a Blogs as if written by the Blogger.
Magazines - Articles that are Advertisements and the Advertisers pay to be inserted.
Guest Writers for Internet Sites

INTERNET WRITING - Blogs and Generally Helpful Travel Tips Pages
The monetization of this type of writing is generally by Google Adsense, therefore too good and the reader will not click, too short and you will not have good ranking in the Search Engine. Generally, there are honest writers in this area, and extremely manipulative writers who only pitch products.

  1. Normal to Abnormal
    Start by explaining a normal situation from your own culture, then contrast and compare it to something new you find, for example, maybe you explain the new fruit is the same size as an apple. This will make the readers feel comfortable, then explain the new fruit from Asia, then lead them back home. This will keep them comfortable in learning about new cultures and ideas.

  2. Start with Picture
    Readers need photos to engage their subconscious mine, with the invention of the minds have even become more in need of photos.
  3. Allow Readers to Make the Conclusions
    A proposition needs proposed, and the audience needs to induce or deduce the answer. If I give the reader all the answers, the do not feel intelligent, the ones that are capable of inducing feel clever and they then transfer that because they are clever, the writer is clever. This type of writing in engaging for longer articles, for short fluff pieces about destinations you can get the audience angry, they just want answers to their questions.
  4. Teaching Blogs Post - (Shawn)

  5. Ask for Opinions - The value of the Internet is idea can be expanded on by comments, it your goal is to create comprehensive opinion on a subject, then you can steer the comments. Generally, the "Way-to-Go" or "Attaboys" are not rich in relevant terms and should be discourage, while relevant comments help expand the related terms for the search engines.

INTERNET SALES WRITING - Gear, Hotels, Tours, Airplane
Travel Advertisements Disguised as Travel Articles

  1. Do Not Finish - A person looking for a Hotel or Tour cannot have all the answers, sometime is better to induce the person to call whereby they can be pitched the room.
  2. Pitch
  3. Go for the Close



1. An introduction that explains who the author is and why they wrote the book.

2. The next chapters will talk about the issues or problems.

3. Solution to these problems

4. Guidelines for making change in their lives.

5. In the next to last chapter, I usually encourage people to include a chapter bout
what to do when things go wrong.

6. Last chapter of any nonfiction book should be an encouraging, uplifting call to action.

Inside the Chapter 

  1. Chapter Title
  2. Quote - Epigraph
  3. Story or Anecdote
  4. Bulleted List
  5. Explanation of Bulleted List
  6. Closing Paragraph

Travel writing is a genre that has as its focus accounts of real or imaginary places. The genre encompasses a number of styles that may range from the documentary to the evocative, from literary to journalistic, and from the humorous to the serious.

Travel writing is often associated with tourism, and includes works of an ephemeral nature such as guide books and reviews, with the intent being to educate the reader about the destination, provide helpful advice for those visiting the destination, and inspire readers to travel to the destination. Travel writing of various degrees of quality may be found on web sites, in magazines and in books.

Travel writing has also been produced by other types of travelers, such as military officers, missionaries, explorers, scientists, pilgrims, and immigrants.

Travel writing which is valued as literature in its own right may be referred to as travel literature.

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