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Zulfikar Zuko D Umhur 1921

Zulfikar Zuko D Umhur was a Bosnian writer, painter and caricaturist.

Fri, 13 May 2011 04:26:59

Zulfikar "Zuko" Džumhur (September 24, 1921, Konjic – November 27, 1989, Herceg Novi) was a Bosnian writer, painter and caricaturist. Džumhur's bohemian nature, versatility of a polymath and extremely creative personality have made him a unique figure of the Yugoslav culture in the second half of the 20th century.

Džumhur was born in Konjic, a town in Bosnia. When he was only two months old his father, imam Abduselam Džumhur and mother Vasvija (née Rufo) moved to the capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, where his father got a job in the Yugoslav Army. Zuko Džumhur finished elementary school and the first four grades of high school in Belgrade, then moved to Sarajevo where he finished high school in 1939. Džumhur attended classes at the Law Faculty, but soon left and later finished his studies at the Art academy in Petar Dobrović's class. During the World War II, Džumhur's younger brother was killed in 1945.

Džumhur published his first caricatures in an army magazine in 1947, and very soon became one of the most prominent illustrators in Yugoslavia, publishing his caricatures in the country's best selling newspapers and magazines, such as Politika, Borba, Oslobođenje, Jež, NIN, Danas and many others. He published over 10,000 illustrations and caricatures, wrote numerous screenplays and worked on the TV show Hodoljublje, which he hosted for over ten years on Sarajevo television.

In Belgrade during the seventies, Džumhur and other artists frequented the bohemian Skadarlija area of the old town. Zuko, along with other artists, was partly responsible for renovating and restoring the Tri šešira (Three Hats) cafe, a popular artist's hangout and a famous landmark in the street.