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Johann Sigmund Wurffbain 1613 To 1661

Johann Sigmund Wurffbain also Wurfbain (August 20th 1613 in Nuremberg , † 1661 ibid), was one of the earliest German East India

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Ioannis Sigismundi Wurffbains citizen in Nuremberg. Tear-description. What he in name and because of the highly laudable NiDerLander located in East Indian Compagnia de Anno Christi 1632nd in the month of Aprill then God and honor fürgenommen with / and in the month of June of the 1646th has completed. Gestelt by his Vattern Leonhartum Wurffbain ... Nuremberg: Michael Endter, 1646.

John Hieronymi Wurffbains Tractatus De Juris Civilis Differentiis Et reformationis Norica antehâc in Inclutâ University . Altendorfina Inauguraliter propositus: Nunc Novis Additionibus auctior redditus Noribergae / Cramer; Felsekerus, 1665th

Johann Sigmund Wurfbains Instruction, or Kurtzer Report / As a travel / sowol to water as the country after India to make sey. In: Christoph Arnold: truthful descriptions dreyer mighty kingdoms of Japan, Siam, Corea. Nuremberg, 1672, p. 1132-1148.

John Sigmund Wurffbains fourteen years of East-Indian war-and upper-Kauffmann's services in a properly guided journal and diary. many and oft repeated claim on different Kupffer adorned on, finally the day down at JPWD of Sultzbach: Johann Georg Endter, 1686th

Four toes jahrige East-Indian war-and upper-Kauffmann's services in a properly the guided journal and diary ... at last the day out right from JPWD Sultzbach: Endters, 1686th Reprints: Journey to the Moluccas and the Middle East Indies from 1632 to 1646. Hague: Nijhoff, 1931.