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Evliya Elebi 1610 To 1683

Evliya Çelebi was an Ottoman traveler who journeyed through the territory of the Ottoman Empire and neighboring lands over a period of forty years.

Fri, 13 May 2011 04:26:59

Evliya Çelebi was born in Istanbul(Constantinople) in 1611 to a family from Kütahya. His father was Derviş Mehmed Zilli , a jeweller for the Ottoman court. His mother was an Abaza tribeswoman, a relative of the later grand vizier Melek Ahmed Paşa. Coming from a wealthy family, he received an excellent education. He may have joined the Gülşenî sufi order; evidence for this claim comes from his intimate knowledge of its lodge in Cairo and from a graffito referring to himself as "Evliya-yı Gülşenî" (Evliya of the Gülşenî) . He began his travels in Constantinople, taking notes on buildings, markets, customs and culture; in 1640, he started his first journey outside the city. His collection of notes from all of his travels formed a ten-volume work called the Seyahatname (Book of Travels).He died sometime after 1682; it is unclear whether he was in Constantinople or Cairo at the time.