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Chiang Yee 1903 To 1977

Chiang Yee self-styled as "The Silent Traveller", was a Chinese poet, author, painter and calligrapher.

Fri, 13 May 2011 04:26:59

Chiang Yee was born in Jiujiang, China, on a day variously recorded as May 19 or June 14. He married Tseng Yun in 1924, with whom he was to have four children, and in 1925 graduated from Nanjing University (then named National Southeastern University), not only one of the world's oldest institutions of learning but also relaunched in 1920 as China's first modern university. He served for over a year in the Chinese army during the Second Sino-Japanese War, then taught chemistry in middle schools, lectured at National Chengchi University, and worked as assistant editor of a Hangzhou newspaper. He subsequently served as magistrate of three counties (Jiujang in Jiangxi, and Dangtu and Wuhu in Anhui.) Unhappy with the situation in China then (see Nanjing decade), he departed for England in 1933, leaving wife and family behind.