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Andy Graham - Travel Writer

Andy writes free ravel tips for readers explaining the geopolitical and cultural differences of countries from the eyes of an Indiana Farm Boy.

Andy Graham from the USA is Homeless!
He has traveled perpetually from the for 12 years and visited 88 countries.
Andy became homeless after a six-week Christmas trip to Acapulco, Mexico. While lying in a hammock he realized he never wanted to go home. Confused and excited he returned to the USA, sold all his possessions and took off to visit new friends in other countries. Unknown to Andy at the time, travel is an addiction, after six month he knew he was hooked and after two years, it was hopeless. 12 years later, he is still perpetually wandering the planet.
Free Daily Travel Blog
Andy writes free daily reports, stories, photos, videos, and travel tips for readers explaining the geopolitical and cultural differences of countries from the eyes of an Indiana Farm Boy. He writes the reports on a laptop computer, and is now publishing them from his Verizon BlackBerry Storm while in Africa. He funds his travel by revenue received from Google Adsense.
Andy Graham of has Travel Blogged 4500 times, written 211 Newsletters, and uploaded over 15,000 photos, and 55 videos to the Internet. Andy Graham of is homeless, he has made a "Hobo Home on the Road," and he lives a "Life Less Normal," one of the few perpetual travelers on Planet Earth. Many people go live in other countries; however few earn enough money to continuously travel, he says, "if you stay in one city longer than three months, you live there, you have stopped traveling."
HOBOTRAVELER.COM is a Budget Travel Website, with Andy Graham the owner and writer of the World Famous Travel Journal --- National Geographic Top 10 Travel Blogs on the Internet --- Top Five Travel Blogs --- Backpacker Blogs - Student Travel Blogroll "Blogging words of travel wisdom from king of the vagabond road Andy, the" --- New York Times Joe Sharkey says to watch as does the London's Guardian Newspaper Blog Watch. --- Featured on Yahoo Travel New Daily. is a new Hotel site recently launched with 6.5 million cities. Andy Graham is from Orland, Indiana, USA and left for his adventure after 14 years as a Real Estate Investor and Broker.

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