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Abu Ad Din Al Husayn Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Jubayr 1145 To 1217

Ibn Jubayr (1145–1217) was a geographer, traveler and poet from al-Andalus.

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Born in Valencia in Spain, then the seat of an independent emirate. Ibn Jubayr was descendant of a tribe of Andalusian (Visigoth) origins, Jubayr was the son of a civil servant. He studied at Granada the Quran, hadith, law and literature, he composed many poems and later became secretary to the Almohad governor of that city. In the introduction we are reminded of the reasons for Ibn Jubayr's travels. A secretary for the ruler of Granada in 1182, he was forced by such ruler, under threat, to drink seven cups of wine. Seized by remorse, the ruler then filled seven cups of gold which he gave him. To expiate his godless act, although forced upon him, Ibn Jubayr decided to perform the duty of Hajj to Mecca. He left Granada on 1183 accompanied by a physician from the city.

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