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Why Closed after 10 Years on The Net

Travel Websites news about that seems to semi-closed on April 2010.

You need to read why closed after 10 years.

The majority of Blogs and Websites crash and burn within months of origination, not for lack of money, it is lack of interest, the founder loses steam. But, I am sad to read that a site that I have noticed around and about for the last 10 years closed. (Well, in a way, but not way, it is stopped.)

Quote from site:

"Hi all, PBH has run for over 10 years as a great place to get and share information about Colombia. Unfortunately, during the last few years, there has been a (very) small minority of people who thought it was ok to personally attack, threaten and harass, both on phb, on other websites and in real life, other members that they disagree with. You know who you are.

So the time has come to close the site down. I want to sincerely thank all of you who have contributed during the years, answered questions, helped out people, formed friendships etc., and especially thank the moderators and everyone else who has helped out to make PBH work for as long as it did.

The archives will stay up for a while to help out people searching for information, but from now on, and with a sad feeling in my heart, this website is permanently closed.

By Peter (Moderator) (Dev team) on Mar 28, 2010, 19:26 in Friendly Talkzone.

End Quote

This is what happens when founders of sites fail to shut off the reader comments, the spammer, the trolls, the flamers. Contrary to what you think, the people who make the negative remarks are average American citizens, it is normal people.

Maybe this is normal human nature when they come out of hiding, he says a (very) small minority, I personally think 25 percent of readers make anal remarks when they think they are anonymous.

Why the site is still up?

It takes very little money to host a site, it is amazingly cheap. Well, not sure what to say, it is still up as a domain, somebody is paying hosting. Yet, it does appear close for business, it probably what I would do if I wanted to stop. I would just leave the site up to earn money, until it finallly self-destructed.

Hmmm What would happen if Me, I, Andy Graham died?

Technically, if I died, and the sites were deserted for some strange reason, then could exist for maybe 10-30 years afterwards with no staff.

The money is wired to my account.

The money is automatically paid from my account to hosting.

10 years from now, there would be a huge pile of money in my account - maybe?

Blog or No Blog - I make Money

Contrary to what some people think, I do not need to Blog, in many ways, I do it for kicks, one post has little effect on the day to day operations of the sites.

In many ways I can empathize with the founder of, there are times when I cannot be bothered. Yet, I work with Boy Genius from India daily, trying to devise a way to remove me, Andy Graham from the site, and give the series of sites a life way beyond my existence.


Andy Graham


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