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Steve Jobs, Please Steal This Video

Making travel videos is an art, and choosing the correct players can guaranteed success.

I watched three top YouTube videos this morning, and I would like to share them with you, my friends.

Steve Jobs Steals

Yes, there is always a better pizza; there is always a way to make a pizza taste better. How? By changing the ingredients or finding a new cook, maybe call him a chef – that always works. No, that is a bad idea because any restaurant that has a chef is twice as expensive while its food tastes the same.

Well, nonetheless, we want to produce a great video today.

Today, I would prefer that Sir Ken Robinson change his name to Steve Jobs and deliver the same speech as Austin Kleon. This would be a winning combination:

• Austin Kleon for great intelligence
• Sir Ken Robinson for humour with impact
• Steve Jobs as the lead-man name, for branding and recognition



Sir Ken Robinson is funny and truly can set up the audience, getting them to lower their defenses and be open to new ideas, or in this case, old ones.



Austin Kleon did excellent research and has a great storyline, but sometimes it is the packaging that sells, so we can mix in Steve Jobs and Sir Ken Robinson to make it go viral.

This is the video that needs to be watched; it tells the whole story.



Andy Graham

Mon, 6 May 2013 03:09:52

Steve Jobs Please Steal This Video.

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