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How to Prepare to Make a Travel Video

Travel Video making, how to prepare to make a travel video, a list of ideas to consider.

Body Preparation:

1. Shower two hours before video.

2. Sugar buzz, eat a couple of sweets to get a good energy up.

3. Cough up phlegm.

4. Blow nose.

5. Drink water or use mouthwash.

6. Go to toilet.


Energy Levels

1. Play a couple of your favorite songs.

2. Shower, shave, etc

3. Sugar buzz

4. Do not do this if you are in a bad mood.


1. Charge batteries daily, and insert new batteries for full charge.

2. Have extra batteries

3. Clean lens with piece of cloth from T-shirt.

4. If you are in air-conditioning, you need to take the camera outside for at least one hour before the video to limit condensation on lens.

Your Behavior On Camera

1. Do not move in and out of depth, sit if possible or stand, when the distance changes the cheaper cameras will become unfocused.

2. Do not look up  into the air, do not allow your eyes to go into thought.

Location Setting:

1. Learn where the sun rise, and where it sets.

2. Have the sun in proper location

3. The sun directly above makes for easier use of sun.

Sun or Lighting in Room

1. Open all the curtains.

2. Turn on all the lights, even in room that are not close to create background.

3. Florescent Light are not good, normal 100 Watt are better.


1. Shut off fridge

2. Shut off fan

3. Shut off air conditioning.

4. Shut off cellphone and smarphones.

5. Turn off so nobody can call you.

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