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How The Best Travel Tips Videos Are Made

99 percent of Travel Videos are commercials, this article talk about how to know which videos to trust, and and how to download?

How The Best Travel Tips Videos are Made

I trust unedited homemade videos. It would be wonderful if all travel writers on the planet picked up their camera, and made a 10 minute walking and talking tour video of the best of area of world cities.

Never turning the video off, never stopping, and allowing every human experience to be shown. These are longer, but honest, so the time wasted is not wasted, better to watch a long video of the truth, then a fun video of lies.

Unedited Videos

Unedited home made travel videos are worth watching.

I am sad, the temptation to sweeten the story, edit out the negatives is great by travelers. People that put in 10-20 hours of work into a 3 minute travel video are not to be trusted, that is a commercial, not a travel tip video, just an elaborate sales pitch.

Therefore, an unedited, turn on the recording, turn it off is the honest and real world, this is reality videos.

I am presently making 4-8 videos per day, and publishing on With 95 percent of them, I turn on the camera, start recording the video, and never stop until a complete idea is ready to be published on

I know they are longer, but easy for me to make, and I have pride in knowing, no reader is going to pay 2000 dollars to come Africa and be angry with me, I want friends, not clients.

They are honest, and take only as long as they take, almost zero work on my part, I truly enjoy making them. I told Andrew, my partner,
“We need to push the videos, it is the kinder, softer Andy.”
“And closer to the cliches, romantic stories, the readers want entertained while at work.”

There is a link at the top of very page of that says “Videos.” You can subscribe to the Travel Blog by e-mail, there are 3-5 new videos daily or you can just click on the Travel Blog and see the newest ones:

How I watch videos on YouTube?
I enjoy videos when I have a high speed connection. I search on YouTube, find educational videos, and start one playing. First I only listen to the video and go back to working, typing, etc. I preview videos by listening, and if the video starts out good, I go and watch, if I am busy, I download and watch later.

Generally, I download about 1 in 15 videos, most are commercials, I can tell the commercials, the start out with music, they are cliché, predictable and change scenes every 2-5 seconds, more or less the photographer compiled only the best, he or she has an agenda.

How to download Videos?

Two ways:

The easiest to use is this one, you download it, and it puts all the videos in one folder, one can remember where the videos are located.


The advanced user method, works better on slow connection is:


Personally I cannot be bothered to watch the super professional videos; I do not even read professional writers on the Internet.

Sadly, the slicker the production work, the more I know they are lying. And, often slick ones even make it look sloppy, as if this is real.

The video you can trust is the one that started and there are no scene changes, the recording never stops.

Just my two cents, and the hope everyone avoids being scammed on the Internet.

Andy Graham

Fri, 1 Mar 2013 23:06:11

The best videos.

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