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World Travel Demands I Love to Fix Problems

World Travel is self-service, one learns to take care of ones self.

Sat, 2 Feb 2013 04:38:56

World Travel Demands I love to Fix Problems

I woke up today, Saturday, and there is no Internet with my Togocel modem, it is now 6:47 AM, and it has not worked for one hour. I am hoping, praying that it is just “down time,” these telephone companies will just shut the thing off for hours, two hours, or even the day with no notice.

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In a way, that is world travel, unexpected glitches in life, every day of your life, nothing ever works as you planned, then you get to go talk to someone who does not speak English to explain the problem, and mentally bounce off the person.

This is analogous as talking to India or Philippines people on a 1-800 number to get your phone fixed in the USA, or to have my Hewlett Packard computer worked on.

In the end, you make it work, but people do not speak English, and there is a round robin, SNAFU that happens. It is normal, it is all xxx up.

Nobody takes care of me when I travel; I have only lived in maybe 2-5 hotels in 15 years, where the owner truly helped, truly assisted in solving problems. Generally the owner is too busy to be bothered to help me, or tells the workers who are clueless to help, me the confused.

I have a self-service lifestyle, I am a world traveler.

I am lucky, if it is broke, I can fix it.
I can fix anything, but a broken heart.

I can repair anything, fix anything, overhaul the car motor, tear apart a house and put it back together. I am abnormal, I feel like I was put together at an experimental factory.

Generally, travel is talking with people who do not care, to fix a problem they do not care about, this requires tons of fortitude, due diligence, and patience.

In the end, the best way to travel to the world is to accept that he world is broken. Nobody is going to fix it, and enjoy the day.

But, with good an attitude, a bit of lucky, the person cooking your meal will not put his hands on the food in front of you, just when you are not looking.

I laugh at the save the world volunteers and all the United Nations people on the planet here in West Africa Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast or any country with too many volunteers. There is a save the worlds project on every corner in Africa, and have not saved much. Generally the people watch television and copy the world, the TV is the force that truly makes world change. Nothing better than soap operas to teach a person about soap… hehehe

Yet, with all the volunteer project around, the African people still pick up MY food, the food they are going to serve me with their hands, and served on a plate, washed in water that would make the sturdiest souls nervous.

West Africans dips their fingers into the rice, the La Pate, their food, rakes it up with their fingers, and plow the food into their mouths. It is not clean, but it works, fingers were invented before forks.

This is the same as Nepal, or India

All these save the world people here in Africa for years, and the local have yet to figure out, eating with your hands is not clean. It is always nice to eat in an Islamic restaurant, the religion say they need to have a place to clean, but the Christians are still fingering it out.

I kept making jokes in Atakpame, Togo with my friend from France at a cafeteria where we ate egg sandwiches. There were two boys cooking, the one would stand grabbing his dick, then wanting to cook food, I say, “Keep him away from my food.”

I guess if you can stop thinking, and accept that when the world drops your bread on the floor, they are going to wipe it off, look around, and put it back on the plate. If this does not bother you, then you are ready for world travel.

If you know how to flush a toilet with a bucket of water, and feel that is normal, or understand taking a cold shower. Then son, you could be a world traveler today. If you put on that wash your hands alcohol stuff, then maybe best to stay home.

My friend was making jokes about Americans and the clean their hands bottles. It is already an Americanism to carry around a bottle of something that allows them to continuously clean their hands, sort of weird to me.

I made a counter joke, about the Frenchie boys, with their scarves around their necks, and that I do not bend over for the soap.

All in all, the world is S.N.A.F.U. And that is normal, and if you cannot figure out what SNAFU means, then stay home, hehehe Because as a world traveler, you must enjoy learning about things you do not understand, and never thought you would.

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo, hoping the Internet starts to work again, and if it does not, I will still figure it out.

World Traveler

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