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Travel Makes us Better People by Teaching How to Stop Worrying and Bravery

Travel is a great way to learn how to stop worrying and to be brave, but how does this work?

Mon, 26 Dec 2011 02:54:02

Eat Love Pray

I recommend you watch the movie "Eat Pray Love" with Julia Roberts, a movie about a young women traveling the world in search of herself. The movie "Eat Love Pray," is presently number eight on my list of best travel movies.

She conquers her fear, and poetic justice prevails.

I think when I started to travel, it was with the idea of reinventing myself. Maybe, by traveling to strange locations, discovering unique ideas, I would be able to return to real life and be more than I was, maybe to be important enough in my own eye, that I could stop criticizing myself.

Which is worst, the way you criticize me, or the way I criticize myself? In the movie Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts enters into many uncomfortable, awkward, and exhilarating situations, some where she conquers them, and others where she fall into vulnerability. Julia Roberts is a great actress, she can pull at places inside us and make us feel again, helping us to stop hiding.


This photo above is all of us, we are all children of God, eating, praying and something to do with "Love." Look at her face, playful, looking up, thinking, her body language is our inner child, wanting to escape.

I like to see love as an acronym: L.O.V.E.





Travel has made me brave enough to stop worrying.

I have stopped worrying what you think of me, and because of travel I do not worry about looking in the mirror. I am 100 percent in love with the man in the mirror, I am proud to be me, but also proud enough, and brave enough to tell all my adoring fans, go take a hike, it is my world, it is not your right to take my joy away from me. Note, I only tolerate respectful comments on the Blog now, there is no room in my life for mockery.

I saw a line in a movie one time, where a young man pushed a young girl to say,
"I can be loved by you, and you can be loved by me."

Do some experiments today, maybe we can call them bravery tests. Walk up to a good friend and say,
"You are my friend, and I am grateful."

Look a lover in the eyes, and use that phrase.
"I can be loved by you, and you can be loved by me."

Better yet, ask one of your friends to say out loud,
"I love myself."

Can you say, "I love myself" out loud, can you say it to another person, and even in a braver moment, can you say it to a complete stranger.

Travel is about a never-ending invasion of my privacy.

I get on a bus, an unwanted person sits next to me, I move into a hotel room and the person below makes noise. The chicken, dogs and owners of hotels do not care about my comfort, they care only about themselves.

I must love myself, or these people will take my soul away by force.

I am presently in Sosua, Dominican Republic, it is one of the worst tourist trap bubbles on the planet. Every vendor, store owner, motorcycle taxi, money changer know, he or she is never going to see us again.

They scream "Change." right in your ear, the motorcycle taxis holler at us, now strange as it may sound, I believe tourist love the attention, while I am tired of it. There is no respect for humans inside a tourist trap, we are all just dollar bills walking on a stick.

I bet there are people sitting at home, wishing someone cared to call them.

And, someone invading your space could be GREAT! It forces you out of your shell, to get you turtles to show your head.

Yesterday, was Christmas, people want to know somebody cares, I had a lucky friend day yesterday, and I am grateful.

Bah my girl from Ivory Coast called me at 5:00

Mom and Dad, called at about 6:30

Nathalie from Lago Atitan calle while I was taking with Mom and Dad, I could not help myself, I said,
"Thanks, I love it when a beautiful French Speaking Belgium girl call me on Christmas."

One of my favorite lines with girl is to say,
"Please call me right before you go to bed, I want to be the last thought you have today."

Mark called while, he knows Nathalie and we had a conference call.

Jenny called me from the Gua Gua, the van here in Sosua while she was going home to La Union.

Johnny from the USA chatted, Merry Christmas in

I called Ana and told here to come out and play.

"I can be loved by you, and you can be loved by me."

Anyway you do it, traveling the world is real life on steroids, by moving around I push real life past me, it blows though my world, real life comes at me in spurts, it is uncontrollable. Real life for a Traveler is like huge waves in the ocean, I can be standing, minding my business, and wave of unexpected chaos, or even love can invade my privacy, smashing me into the sand, and I roll around in confusion trying to breath.

What is different about travel?

None of your friends are watching you fall, your mother, your brother, you best friend is not able to mock you and make you feel stupid. You can stand up after getting smashed by wave of shame, of failure, and try again, there is nobody around me that I care enough about to stop me from being me.

Think about it, there are no editors around, I do not have to modulate my behavior, I can be a jerk, or a saint, and suffer no social shunning. Nobody here has any power of me, I am me unfiltered.

Social Purgatory for a Year is a Worth Goal

I believe everyone on the planet deserves a sabbatical, one year of living outside the rule of their social group, to live in Social Purgatory. To leave our own social circles complete with idiotic rules, like "buy a house," and "you need to get married," and enter a new one. Now, all cultures have social rules, and you are in purgatory until you learn these rules, but inside the social norms purgatory is bliss, you are not under the thumb of any cultural rules.

In this space, you can surf the waves of uncomfortable challenges, and learn to conquer them, no failure is known, no reason to hide, you can overcome your fears and conquer the world. You will stop worrying with practice, and accept that being brave is not problem.

Start now, walk into the restroom, take a gander at yourself, look yourself into the eyes and say,
"I love myself."

I believe, that 70 percent of people cannot do this small thing, and I know the majority of you are going to ignore this request, but in reality, what you are doing, is you are refuing to stand up to the plate, you are not wanting to engage in the game of life.

Travel is real life on steroid, and if you cannot love yourself, how you going to go out and conquer the world, you need to have your best friend with you, the man in the mirror.

Have fun, Merry Christmas, Bah the girl in Ivory Coast has figure out how to use Skype, this is good, she is trying to meet me half-way.

I wish I could know everyone who read this, for just one day, and for sure anyone who can stand up in front of a mirror and love themselves today.

I suppose you can pull on Superman's cape, and say a prayer.

Julia Roberts body language of thinking
Travel Makes us Better People by Teaching How to Stop Worrying and Bravery

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