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10 Reasons Travelers Never Waste Time

Humans are genetically hard wired to never waste time, we must be the smartest and fastest, to guarantee we survive, it is the game of life.

Wed, 27 Nov 2013 20:11:18

10 Reasons Travelers Never Waste Time

I enjoy sitting in airports, watching as people board planes to every country on the planet. It is obvious, they are in a state of emotional turmoil, because we humans are genetically hard wired to never waste time.

Never Waste Time

Never Waste Time

1. People miss planes, because we refuse to arrive 2-3 hours before the plane departs as recommended, we refuse to waste time. Yet, missing one plane consumes more wasted time than two years of arriving 1-2 hours earlier.

2. We do not check a bag, so we can leave the airport fast; we refuse to waste time waiting at the baggage carousal. Yet, when we arrive, we packed so little, we need to waste time buying many items we refused to carry. There are travel sites devoted to how to carry a small backpack, or how to pack light, we even refuse to waste time carrying what is needed.

3. They announce our plane is boarding, and everyone runs for the gate, we refuse to waste time sitting in a seat that is no longer progress towards our travel goal. We have reserved seats; the plane will leave at the same time, whether we are first or last in line.

4. Standing in line, having our bags inspected, our body searched makes us angry. There are travel writers who cater daily to our desire to complain about wasting time, they make the TSA the enemy, because they know, humans refuse to waste time.

5. People avoid travel, because they refuse to waste the time, they could be working, and making money.

6. Travelers arrange a hotel reservation because they refuse to waste time walking around a city looking. Yet, they came to the city to walk around.

7. Other travelers always ask how long your flight was. How long is your layovers at transit airports, we all agree, we refuse to waste any more time than necessary?

8. We fly first class, we want to board first, have our drink served first, and we want as much convenience as possible.

9. We go through the Starbuck drive-through, we lie and tell people we never stop at McDonald, but we stop anyway, because we refuse to waste time.

10. I am a Traveler and I refuse to waste my time on number ten, and I know you already got the point we humans become angry when we waste time.


We are in competition at school, at work, at home, even with our wife and husband. We know that efficiency is needed, if we refuse to waste time, we will indeed win, succeed, and accomplish much in life.

I studied at Indiana University, it was a waste of time, yet those four year were four of the best in my life. I have traveled continuously for over 15 years, visited 90 countries when I could have been home earning money, buying a car, and a big house in the suburbs. Travel is avoided, because we refuse to waste time, and maybe why we need to escape our genetically hard wired lives, and adapt, it is time you refuse to waste your life.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham, wasting time in Kara, Togo.

Travelers Never Waste Time

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