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What is Included in a Hotel Room that Cost Between 5 and 10 Dollars

This is a list of benefits that should be included in a room that cost between 5 and 10 dollars, if they are not, you may be paying too much.

Sat, 5 Mar 2011 03:40:09

  1. Mosquito Net or Screens on windows - This should not be needed after 10 Dollar, if you see a Mosquito net in an expensive room, please inspect the windows and doors for screens, the hope is it is only there for ambiance.
  2. Private Shower - Expect over 10 Dollars - Hostels at 50 Dollars
    - Private showers, sometimes at the bottom it is a shared shower, cold or a dip shower, if you are good at choosing rooms you do not need to accept shared showers. Although a shared shower is nice, it keeps the moisture and humidity outside the room and your room is more comfortable.
  3. Towel - Included from 5 Dollars on up
    - Note, always carry a towel, the beach towel size so you can walk around with something on you when you need to leave the room. Plus the housekeeping staff can take the towel to change, and not return, your towel is your insurance policy. In addition some towels are meager, you need and extra towel to dry.
  4. Clean room and change sheets a couple times per week.
  5. Table and chair to use as desk or for eating.
  6. Pegs or hooks on wall to hang clothes, normally about four.
  7. Bar of soap
  8. Wall picture or one thing decorating the walls.
  9. Shelf in toilet to personal toilet and shower items.
  10. Mirror with no light
What is Included in a Hotel Room that Cost Between 5 and 10 Dollars