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What is Included in a Hotel Room that Cost between 0 and 5 Dollars

What is included in the cheapest room on the planet, what can you expect?

Sat, 5 Mar 2011 03:40:09

Included 0 to 5 Dollars

  1. Helpful staff - Expect
    - This is the minimum you have the right to demand from any room.
  2. Bed - Expect
    - Normally, even in the cheapest room you will get an adequate bed, if nervous about cleanliness look under the sheets, or remove a pillowcase and inspect. 
  3. Shared Toilet - Expect Western at 25 Dollars.
    You can expect a toilet whether in your room, or outside, it may be a squat toilet and you cannot expect or demand a western style until you are willing to pay 25 Dollars per night. Generally, and strangely, tourist often prefer squat toilets because they hover or western toilets and do not sit. It is easier when the toilet is not below their hovering body. If you are a hovering person, please buy toilet seat covers and bring with you.
  4. Toilet Paper - Expect over 5 Dollars - Hostels at 50 Dollars
    - Include in all rooms, except in India and some Asian countries where they use their hand or poor water down the crack of their buttocks. 
  5. Fan - Needs Included at all prices level
    A floor fan should be included at all levels, including at highest luxury, there are many reason to need a fan, from being too hot and wanting to faint, to trying dry off your wet shoes.
  6. Center of Room Light, and one electrical plug.
  7. Wastebasket
  8. Window
  9. Curtains
  10. Lock that is secure, often the cheapest rooms have hasp that allows you to use your own lock.
What is Included in a Hotel Room that Cost between 0 and 5 Dollars