Find A Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 07 by Andy Graham on Video - The Hotels "Bundle of Benefits"

What you are buying from a Hotel is a "Bundle of Benefits," each one has a value.

The Hotels "Bundle of Benefits."
- Find A Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 07
by Andy Graham

I want you to only pay for benefits you need or want to use.

The value of a room with just a bed is very small...

Benefits that could be outside the Hotel.

Benefits that you can carry with you.

Benefits inside the actual Hotel room.

Benefits that are given outside the room, like a swimming pool.

I am going to write a book, about travel gear that turns any room into a five star room.

Know which benefits cost the hotel, AC, Gas, Water, Electricity, and Cleaning?

List of values

This link has all the "Benefits of a Hotel" listed

Here is a list to all the benefits:  List of benefits


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