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Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 04 by Andy Graham on Video - Arrive Before 12 Noon for Room Search

You need to arrive before noon, and search for Hotel room in the morning to get the cheap prices for Hotel rooms.

Cheap Room Hotels

Arrive before 12 Noon to Search for Hotel Rooms:

Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 03, by Andy Graham on Video

a. All day to find room.

b. The room needs to negotiate.

c. Rooms become vacant.

d. Walk around time is greatest.

e. Care about the time, the room, and the plane, they all work against each other to deviate you from your goal of a cheap Hotel Room.

f. The Hotels lies, they always tell you there are no room until checkout time arrives. Therefore, to get a good room, you need to be at the Hotel as the people are checking out.

g. Interview process is two ways, you must sell yourselft that you will be a good tenant. Make friends, try to be a friend, try to make the life of the management easy.



Thanks Andy, great video and can't wait to see more......keep it up......!!!!!I just found a nice hotel today in Miraflores Lima Peru for 50 soles ($18.57) a night. Some give discount for stays of at least two weeks. Sounds like its all about leg work and asking the right questions and not being in a hurry. TL

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Find A Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 04 By Andy Graham On Video Arrive Before 12 Noon For Room Search. title=