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Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 03 by Andy Graham on Video Need to Brag About 10 Dollar per Night Rooms

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You Need to Brag about 10 U.S. Dollar Per Night Rooms
- Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 03
 by Andy Graham on Video

Humans are cows.

"The only thing that distingushes human from animals is our ablity to stockpile and plan for the future."

999 people out of 1000 finished what they started today, they live only for today. The 1 in 1000 who can save money, save time, save thoughts, can use their powers of introspection can rise about being a cow, stockpile for the future and stop being a cow.

Humans are cows.

Cow cannot tell you about the future, they cannot plan, they graze. If you believe in what you are doing, you will commit and do it.

"What the mind of man can conceive, and believe he can achieve."
- Napoleon Hill

If you are not proud, then you do not believe.

I know I am the smart one who knows the proper price worldwide for Hotel rooms.

The Traveler Code is to live better than others, because we have stepped up to a higher level of understanding of the world, I am a Pro.

A person needs to brag about the specific prices they paid, and their budget, and prove we live better for less.


What about doing a sunglasses cam undercover shoot of the actual haggling process? Pulling into the hotel, furnished apt., room in a house, and show people how to haggle. I've heard it been said that most Americans don't like to haggle outside of perhaps the car dealership, garage sale-- and very few other times. While I might consider myself good enough at bargaining. Perhaps we could all learn something new from Andy on the chase for a deal. We're all used to the undercover cam tracking illicit/morally challenging activities, but what about a "real life," Andy rolls into town and takes us on a trail of finding places to live.


I have the sunglasses camera, I will see about doing this.

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Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 03 by Andy Graham on Video Need to Brag About 10 Dollar per Night title=