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Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 02 by Andy Graham on Do Not Make Hotel Reservations

I have lived in 800-1400 Hotel rooms, I try to never get a reservation, but I want the best room in the hotel or city.

Sat, 7 Jan 2012 04:15:46

We don't get fooled again

2. Do Not Make Hotel Reservations:
- Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 02,
by Andy Graham on Video


I am NOT going to make money on this one... hehehe, how to be hated by the travel industry in one easy lesson.

A really great hotel does not want reservations, no need to be that organized.

Why would a person who stays in a Hotel one time per year know anything abou a review?

Hostelworld has this ensuite thing, where they try to act like the price of the room is cheap.

Resort selling in Kenya.

Resort selling in Iquitos.

Boutique Hotel with nothing in Anguilla.

If they really wanted you to know the room was good, they would make a video.

I want to like the hotel, I want a good value, not a bad taste in my mouth.

I want a reservation, but I want a good room more than.

A reservation in the third world mean nothing.

Lonely Planet sold to BBC, probably will monetize reservations


Time, disorgnanized,

Do not show up with Hostelworld, 15 percent loss.

Credit card to an idiot on the other side of the world.

I should be renting a known room.

reservation guarantees you cannot negotiate.

A reservation makes sure you get the worst room.

A reservation is a fear based decision.

Reservations are needed for business.

Be a negotiator, not a sap.

Make the Hotel happy, a reservation is selling a pig ina poke. On we want 60 photos why do they only one one on most sites?

Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 02 by Andy Graham on Do Not Make Hotel Reservations.