Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 01 by Andy Graham a Video about Travel Guidebooks

Andy Graham a perpetual traveler of 14 years explains on a video how to find a cheap Hotel. Lesson one on Guidebooks, like the Lonely Planet, Roughguide.

"I can find a 10 USD Hotel Room in any country on the planet!:
- Andy Graham

Video of Andy Graham with Lesson One on how to find a cheap Hotel Room.

I have lived in over 1400 Hotel Rooms in 90 Countries, I know how to do this...

Table of Contents

Lesson 01: Guidebooks
Find a Cheap Hotel Room Lesson 01
by Andy Graham
Video about Travel Guidebooks

List of things about Guidebooks:

1. To find the center of the Expat, Foreigner or Backpacker center.

2. Find the cheapest price listed, and to know half that is still possible easy enough.

3. To find the cheap area, tourist area, expensive area.

4. To find a one-night stay, then walk around the next morning.

5. Arrive early, before noon. 

List of acceptable Guidebooks:

Travel Guidebooks

The only Guidebooks you Need: Andy Graham. I have traveled perpetually for over 14 years, and have only used these three guidebooks. Yes, other guidebook can help with destination, I recommend you use a copier at the Library.

Lonely Planet

Rough Guides

Footprint Handbooks,

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