Curtain Management In A Hotel Rooms

Ideas for Travelers on how to have proper curtains in Hotel rooms, or how to manage them using clothes pins and safety pins.

Curtain needs:

  1. Double curtains over to make thick enough to block sunlight.
  2. Carry a towel to cover the curtains.

Types of windows:

  1. Louvered
  2. Swing open
  3. Do not open
  4. Double sliding


  1. Clothes pins
  2. Safety Pins
  3. Blanket
  4. Sheets

Normal Knotting of Curtains

The normal tie in a knot to open curtains methods.

Fold or doubled up Curtain

I folded the extra length up and used clothes pins to hold, this made the sheers cover the window so I could walk around in room in privacy.

Towel as Curtain

i carry a beach towel, often the room provides a towel, then I will use the towel to cover sun areas that overheat the room, or when I need a curtain.

Hammock as Curtain from Thailand

This is my hammock, I purchased in Thailand, normally I use as a light blanket for the tropics, however, there are times when I use as a curtain.