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I Will Get On Any Plane Along As It Has Two Wings, Any Bus That Has Wheels With A Little Tread, And I Hopefully I Won't Die Of Boredom

A Hobo quote worth sharing, celebrating, by Lynn on the Hobo Travel Talk Wall. March 16, 2019.

Sat, 16 Mar 2019 07:14:51

Travel Quote

This quote by Lynn, on the Hobo Talk Walk inspired me. March 16, 2019.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Bravo for the Brave! And, ignore the wimps.

We cannot change people, we can only be a good example. And, I am proud of Lynn, she is a good example, a person to follow, a person to admire, a brave soul.

Yet, often I want to scream.


My advice is follow Lynn, she is a leader, and next time you read a wimpy comment, ignore it, for sure, don't agree, don't allow the wimps to rule the world.


Andy Lee Graham


I will get on an plane.

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