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Writing A Travel or Live Abroad Mission Statement

You are planning to spend more money in two weeks, then you earn in a month, it is best to know the mission, and perform the mission.

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 01:07:59

Writing a Travel or Live Abroad Mission Statement

Are you of sound mind and body, are you fully aware that going on vacation is the two most expensive weeks of the year? The money you spend will never be retrieved. You are buying memories, you are investing hard earned money in memories, and one bad memory can ruin the whole trip.

Plan the mission, and work the mission.

Mission Statement

The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself; you obey orders at work, but on vacation, nobody has the right to tell you what to do, it is time to stop being part of the herd.

Why? Because this is exactly what the tourist industry wants, so they can make tons of money with mass produced, assembly line tourism.

Tim Leffel Interviewed Me Yesterday
Yes, I am one of the world most experienced travelers, and here I am in Kara, Togo West Africa, it is March 26, 2013 and I am on a mission to enjoy my life. It all started 15 years ago, and 90 countries, I am a perpetual traeveler of planet earth. I believe one of the few true nomadic world travelers.

And, “Life is good, it is a life less normal.”

Tim Leffel a friend of mine, and one of the most respected names in the Travel Industry he asked me,
“Can I interview you on how to travel cheap in Africa?”
Tim knows travel, it is the essential question of Africa,

"How can I travel to Africa cheap enough to make it enjoyable? 

West Africa a Traveler Rites of Passage.
I am in West Africa, one of the most challenging places on the planet to travel, where no other travel writers are for good reasons. They just do not have the experience, and they are too busy herding the cattle at home.

I said,
"Yes Tim,"
I trust Tim, I know he is not the average travel writer, he is not going to sabotage me, making it appear he is smart, and I am dumb to be here. I believe in him, he truly wanted to know how to travel cheap in Africa?

So we arranged for a Skype call at 1:00 yesterday, March 24, 2013 Togo time, and 9:00 USA time.

Tim Leffel is a special travel writer, because he actually knows travel. Most travel writers do not know travel, they are more or less writing long advertisements posed as travel articles to convince the herds of people to go to Europe or the most expensive places, as if the most you spend, the better teh trip. The best things in life are free, unless a person writes about it.

Tim Leffel writes books:
About Tim Leffel on Wikipedia Encyclopedia

My first comment of our discusion was,
“Define the mission, and work the mission.”

Whites traveling in Black Africa are are annoying, 90 percent of the people that come to West Africa do not want to be here, it is a means to an end. 90 percent just want to put it on there work resume, and 10 percent use Africa as a poster child to earn money with donations for their make-money-project, trying to prove to themselves they are nice people. In reality, the spend their time in the big cities of Africa drinking beer.

My big joke in West Africa when I enter hotel is,
"Hello, the one tourist in West Africa has arrived."

And, the Black Africans still continuously ask, what is the project you are working on? Can I get a job?

Ergo: Why is Africa more expensive than Europe? The people that come here never leave the city to see Africa, and eating Western Food, drinking beer, and partying in West Africa is like going to Paris for the night. West Africa party is only for the rich and famous, and NGO, Peace Corps and Missionaries.

The want to live like they are in the USA, and be in Africa to stuff their CV or Resume, to look good, or sadly, to prove something to themselves and the world, hey, look at me, I am a nice person.

Ask any "Whites" presently in West Africa,
"Where are you?"
90 percent chance they will say, I am in the X.
(The Capital of Country, or on the way, or returning.)

Black West Africa is only for the most experienced travelers, it is rites of passage for people who want to say,
“I have traveled the world.”
“Been there, done that.”
It is the place you avoid until last, and difficult when you leave the city, and live on a budget, a real budget, with our own money. It scares the jeepers out of people to hear I am in some little village in Africa by myself, people truly believe I am tolerating Africa, they cannot believe I am happy. Like there is some deep dark secret hardships I am tolerating.

West Africa is More Expensive than Europe.
It is the place Travel Writers will write bad stories about, dealing only with poverty, and how the survived, and did not thrive. This discourage readers, so they can avoid coming here, as if they are intelligent. The truth is quite different, they do not have the money, time, energy or the experience to roam free as bird around Africa. They know that selling stories on Africa is hard work, and Europe is a piece of cake, the easy money of travel writing.

I am a lucky man. God gave me something special, a live worth living, a life less normal.

I am here in West Africa because I want to be here, when I do not want to be here, I will leave, I could care less what readers want, my mission is clear.

What is your travel mission?
Effective mission statements start by cogently articulating the persons purpose of existence.

The mission statement should guide the your actions, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. It provides "the framework or context within which a person, couple, or family strategies are formulated."

EXAMPLE Misision Statement

Andy Graham’s Mission for Travel
(Written 13 years ago in Ecuador.) 

I want to enjoy life, and everything that life offers.

I plan on wandering slowly around the whole world, with no plan, on when, and where I will be. I will collect topics, ideas, experiences, and friends, that will teach me what is important to travelers.

Always taking the time to enjoy my adventure. I will not allow time, to rule, but will change the route, or go slower if necessary to enjoy my discoveries.

I will make a "Hobo home on the internet" where all travelers, for free can find information about traveling anywhere in the world. Providing a forum for travelers to submit information.

There are many reasons why people travel and I encounter different types of travelers daily with a big world of differences. and other Hobo sites is your home for travel. I invite you!
This site is not for sale, it is for people to find some Hobo truth.

Thank You,
Your friend
Andy a

Know your travel mission, and perform it.