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Maybe the Biggest Travel Mistake is to Compare our Vacations to Other Types of Travel

My friend told me how much he spent going to Jamaica for two weeks: I wanted to know what that had to do with me living in Dominican Republic?

Sat, 29 Oct 2011 10:05:55

My Sister and Brother start planning a trip to Florida three months ahead of time, then spend days talking about the plane ticket.

I say,
"I am buying a plane ticket to the Dominican Republic."

They say,
"It takes a lot of time to buy a plane ticket."

I think to myself,
"I can have a plane ticket purchased on the Internet in less than 20 minutes, that is brain dead fast and easy."
"It is the price that is the problem, buying tickets is super easy."

"Why does my Sister think buying a plane ticket takes a lot of time?"

Vacation the Movie

She was willing to spend days and weeks planning her Vacation, and being that she seldom takes another type of trip, they all feel the same to her. I can empathize, but not really, and she does not try to empathize, to here all travel is the same, she only knows a vacation.

When planning a trip, I try ask advice from people with a similar situation, and try to make sure I am comparing apples to apples.

I will say this with 100 percent confidence: For the amount of money a people pay for a two week vacation, I can go the same place and live for two months.

Why? Simple, I am not going to live every day of the week on endless party, I am not going to need room service, and I am not so stressed out I need to spend money to sooth my brain. Many a person goes on a trip and decides it is going to be 100 percent splurge, and of course they must eventually go home.

Maybe the Biggest Travel Mistake is to Compare our Vacations to Other Types of Travel

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