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Make Plans to Avoid Irrelevant Tourists Attractions

Do I really need to travel a 1,000 miles to see "made for tourists" tourist attractions?

Thu, 19 Sep 2013 19:00:52

Some time ago, I drove the Maggie van up into Michigan. Just as I crossed the state line, there was a tourist center, so I stopped to see what is up in Michigan.

There was a sign saying something like, "Visit our 2,000 tourist attractions."

Hmmm, really? There are 2,000 notable things in the state of Michigan ...?


Monkey Jungle

Today, Ana took me to see the Monkey Jungle near Sosua, Dominican Republic, a beautiful location that has just about zero to do with the Dominican Republic's environment.

But, it is a cliché; it uses  marketing scheme known to man to hook tourist dollars.

The tourism industry is setting up tourist attractions around the world at a staggering, suspicious speed. Most are not really something worth traveling 1,000 miles to see – or even 10 feet. They have every pull known to man: small children, we give to charity, we are gay friendly ... whatever works! They appeal to your base curiosity, dumb you down, until you forget that you came to see the real country.

My advice on planning a trip? Start out by reading the Wikipedia page on the country you plan to visit, then check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wikpedia is not going to show 2,000 relevant things about the state of Michigan, or even the Dominican Republic. Try to unplug from the noise and live with relevance.

World Heritage Sites

Monkey Jungle in Sosua Dominican Republic