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Travel Planner

Hobo Traveler is a Trip Planner. Members post their trip plans on the Hobo Talk Wall, and world traveler members discuss the pros, and cons. Members save 1000's because of good decisions, the synergy of members, knowledge, and experience.

How does a trip start? The returning travelers talk, show photos, and videos to friends. We hear a discussion of great places to visit at work. We watch an interesting film, or documentary that intrigues us, leads us to dream of a destination. Photos and videos are shared, ideas are discussed, we are tempted, and we dream, imagine, and temptations, dreams turn into a desire to say,

"Let's go!"

Travel Planner

Travel Planner - How to aggregate information.

1. Email Folders
2. Bookmark Pages
3. Travel Apps on Smartphones.

Travel Planner - Temptation Phase of Trip Planning

1. YouTube videos
2. Internet Search

Travel Planner - Checklist for Planned Trip

1. Maps
2. Budget
3. Accommodation
4. Transportation
5. Sites to see
6. People to meet
7. Cultures
8. Languages
9. Communication Skills
10. Packing to leave.
11. Maintenance of Home while away.

Travel Planner
Checklist of ideas to plan you trip overseas, generally this whole site is one big Travel Tip on planning to Travel.

  1. When to stop Traveling?
  2. Jungle trip preparation.
  3. Cold Weathers
  4. Sandals for Buddhist, Islam, and Hindu countries
  5. What type of traveler are you?
  6. Guidebook shortcomings
  7. Stocking up cities, or places you should start your trip
  8. Scanning you passport and sending to Email box.
  9. What you CANNOT buy while traveling
  10. Visas
  11. Manners
  12. Your FIRST day in a country
  13. Vacation or Tour
  14. How to screw the guidebooks?
  15. Planning Daily Travel - Travel Planner
  16. Get a Passport
  17. Business Days
  18. Backpack

A trip planner is a website dedicated to travelling which aims to help the users plan their individual trips to different destinations. The site contains a vast database of points of interest, restaurants and tours often enhanced with user reviews. The site may also offer booking of travel related services (such as hotel or car hire).

1 Video-based trip planner
2 Automated trip planner
3 Custom trip planner

Video-based trip planner
With a video-based trip planner, a user can generate a travel itinerary by adding points of interest while watching videos.

Automated trip planner
Automated trip planners generate your itinerary automatically, based on the information you provide. One way is to submit the desired destination, dates of your trip and interests and the plan will be created in a while. Another way is to provide the necessary information by forwarding confirmation e-mails from airlines, hotels and car rental companies.

Custom trip planner
With a custom trip planner the user creates one’s own travel itinerary individually by picking the appropriate activities from a database. Some of these websites offer pre-built databases of points of interest, while others rely on user generated content.

Journey planner

Travel website

Online diary planner

Travel Planner


Retired from several careers. 26yrs Banking, 10 yrs small business owner of several businesses, @ 57yrs decided to get Nursing License to satisfy a childhood desire to be a Nurse (didn't want any regrets),so been there & done that, learned a lot along my journey about self actualization, sharing & love. I live in New England, by the Ocean in a country setting. Winters are getting boring & labor intense. I heat primarily with wood with electric back up. I'm itching to travel during winter months but not a tourist type of lifestyle, I'd rather rent weekly or mthly in a place such as Ecuador. I've hesitated travel as I'm a single women that will travel alone so I'm looking for friendly advice from folks that have been there before me.


There are several websites in Ecuador you should visit for all kinds of information. There is an expert on Ecuador, I believe his name is David Loren, or something similar. His website is called Gran Colombia, which includes Colombia, Ecuador, and maybe Venezuela and Peru. He is in Colombia right now, but has a home in Ecuador. He left Ecuador temporarily because the altitude gives him a flew like problem there. Best wishes. Jay

Ryk Z

Welcome Judi! I sell wood by the truckload here in NC. I love its heat and smell when burning. There is no better form of heat in my experience, and fairly cheap comparatively. I'm a woodsman, so I'm biased.


Judy I too plan to travel to Ecuador soon and will most likely be on my own there. I have been doing much reading and research on it. One of the safest countries by statistics.


Quito in my opinion was full of thefts in the good areas we were in, men carry the womens purses, people walk with backpacks on the front to stop bag slashings, every block seems to sell stolen cellphones, everyone I met (just a few) had a theft story, saw a purse snatching, and when my phone was stolen, the police even refused to take a report. Just because it seemed bad to me, doesnt make it better or worse than other places, my point is dont trust statistics in Latin America. Be savvy, dont show off your phone in Ecuador and be aware of pickpocketing and the all too common taxi meter scam and you will have a great time.

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