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Guaranteed Great Future Memories of Togo Trip

Planing a Trip Travel Tip

Wed, 23 Jan 2013 22:53:37

Guaranteed Great Memories of Togo
Good Future Memory

This is a travel tip, YOU really do not want to come to Togo, West Africa, I already am fully aware of my readers, dreams, and wants, but bear with me, I have been to Paris, France where you really want to go, but to me, that place is hell on planet earth, I will only go again with a 500 per day room, or free, or maybe two 22 year old French girls giving me X.

African SEx

(This is a photo I took in Atakpame, Togo few years ago.)
- Trust me, Africa is way too powerful for most of you to handle in the raw.

Before we get started, I am in Atakpame, Togo, West Africa, and just left the capital city with the big airport, called Lome. I am presently about 2-3 hours north of Lome in a boring city to some, not to me. (This article reminds me of the Harvard idiots.)

We all are 100 percent aware there are no guarantees in life, yet, we still ask for a guarantee, when will we stop? I know you, but there is always hope, at least that is the line the good Gods sell.

I am a weirdo, but yep, I finally understand how other people think, I need to write this down, before I forget my brilliant thought. All my thoughts are brilliant, and profound, until a couple of days later, and then I think to myself,
“Why didn’t I think of that before, it is too simple?”
But then again, brilliant, SUSTAINABLE IDEAS are simple.

I now realize, never sell logic, sell the dream of a good future memory! Hopefully with love, or sex, and a plausible noble reasons to boot. (Save the children! And have sex with Africans.)


Recently, a male friends who already lives abroad, asked me,
“Is it worth coming to Togo?” (West Africa)

Hmm, can I do this, and protect his anonymity?
Yes, I can.

There is nothing better than copy and paste of a conversation to reveal understanding to the light of day. I am lucky, I save most typed conversations. (Please remember, I protected the Harvard idiots and they were not my friends.)

More or less the man, about age 45 asked,
“Can you guarantee I will meet a girl?”


Now, let me preface this, with friends, lovers, girls, acquaintances, and 100 percent of people I meet on planet earth. I have sort of a rule, and it is hard-coded, strict, one for which I seldom compromise.

Example of rule in play:

If I say to a friend,
“Do you want to go eat tonight?”
And, he or she says,
I will say,
“We can figure it out, when we are in the car.”
If they do not say yes, I say,
“Can I call you back later?’
The reply,
“No problem.”
And I call them back in a few day, maybe a week, often never, because I cannot be bothered, where we eat is more important then sharing time together as friends. With my truly good friends, we just get in the car, yes, a few are anal, and ramble endlessly about the restaurant choices, but I just say,
“I will drop by at 7:00?”
They say.
Stop their mental masturbation, and we arrange to be friends.

If I said,
“I need to go to Pizza Hut, I need to talk to a worker there, and can we eat there?”
And my friend said,
“I do not want Pizza, go alone.”

OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER, ERASED, finito, acabo, le finis.

I want a guaranteed of the mission, my rule is this,
“Friends do not need reasons to visit, talk and discuss our navel.”

OK, I lied, it is not quite that easy for me to dump friends, but close. Eventually, I some friends are never 50/50; it is always their selfish wants, never a shared experience. But I am aware of my wimpy friends, and will remember how sell this person down the river in the future. I know he or she is greedy, avarices, incapable of jumping on tall building with a single bound. Able to be endlessly self-center, selfish and egotistical, hehehe, and many other adjectives.

Bottom line, annoying incapable of staying on mission. The mission is to be friends first, or mine is…

I must remember his or her favorite restaurants? But, I count, I remember, does this person give me the choice 25 percent of the time, if not, good bye to selfish friends.

Friend wanting to come to Lome, Togo?

Now this big boy enjoys life, and gets an over-abundance of women, his share, and probably 10 other guys’ shares, he is not lacking in women.

The TRAVEL decision making questions are:

1. How much money for transportation?

2. How much time for transport?

3. Can you guaranteed the future room, my living conditions, my food, and lifestyle will be better than my present situation?

(((((( NOTE: This is always a problem for me, if I am in an extremely good Hotel, like the one in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala called the Hotel San Antonio for 8 dollars, and I need a better option. If I know I am going to be bored, at least I want better living quarters or the same, not worst.

Many friends ask me to come visit them in their home city, but I refuse. The give me a worst room than my present hotel in Atakpame for 12 dollars, make me share tons of crap, no privacy and demand I go look at all the things they are proud of in the city, for which I have zero interest, it is torture. I just want to hang out, have zero memories of their city, and remember the person, but they want me to remember the place.

Every time I leave a city, I gamble on the next place, I do not care if the Hotel is bad, I will make it work, and make it better, if not, I can always move on, 99 percent of people cannot travel for the above reason, they need a guarantee that the room is BETTER than their home, not the same.)))))

4. Can you guarantee I will not be confused?

5. Will this be better than my present location, where I am squatting doing nothing?

6. The final question is always,

Will I get laid, have sex?
Meet the girl of my dreams?

If I can guarantee number 6, then all the others are moot.


Well, should I or shouldn’t I ????

What do you suggest??

I can fly from here to Lome, Togo for around 1300 USD, round trip. I can afford that, I just wanted to know if you think I will find plenty of girls and action and have a nice time in that place.?

I could come anytime this week, and spend a week in Togo or I guess wherever.

Let me know your opinion as soon as possible so I can get a flight,

Ok see ya


Hello Henry,

This is a Francophone country; it would take you a week just to adjust to how to travel.

I think too much money for one week.

You could only meet working girls, not the nice ones.


He is not coming, that is best; he truly needs four weeks to have one or two good memories possible.

I know this though, if I hired a girl to keep him happy, it would work, but I do not know these types of women in Togo, and not going to learn.

3 Needs of a Travel Destination

This is the bottom line for you, not me.

1. The hotel needs to be BETTER than your home.
Good Future Memory

2. You really want to do what is in the Travel Brochure.
Good Future Memory

3. And, the silly one, you know you can get drunk, and laid, have stupid fun, which would make the other two reasons moot.
Good Future Memory

I really wish people got more sex, and realized drinking is possible everywhere on the planet, even in Islamic countries.


I think I understand the need for the promise of a room better than home, compromises is not necessary for vacations. Vacations are times to celebrate life, to reward ourselves. And, for sure, there is no reason to go do something you do not want to do, but somehow we need to tag our personal dreams, too many people go to the Caribbean to the beach, and hate the beach, because that is what their friends said was good to do.

Travel is about being outrageously selfish, I mean self-centered greedy, because the memory you make, cannot be shared with your friends, they will only be jealous, envious, and dismissive.

Travel is the promise of a future memory, for you, not for me.
I have lived an exceptional life, and extra-ordinary life, too many women, too many great travel destinations, I am blessed.

Yet, at the end of the day, when someone wants to help them to travel, it is not possible, because I am me, and you are you. We are radically different, I mean opposites, we are all unique.

I am quite sure, 100 percent sure most readers are frustrated reading this travel blog, and will leave, in search of a promised future, all good travel writes write lies, the dream of travel, some romanticized, oversold, a fantasy, and over priced for sure, even though the best things in life are free, people hedge their bets, and pay 1000 more than needed, this is life, it is the human condition.

All places on the planet are great, some a greater.

The ones who want to come to Togo are still reading, a few are not until I will follow along until I am in a country of interest to them, and an extreme few believe in serendipity. These are mine; they also believe that something good can happen quite by accident.

The introspective thoughts are worth having, and the serendipitous actions are worth doing, all of life is a leap of faith, or one day we find ourselves in front of the television wandering what happened.

I have realized that children are the future for mothers and fathers, and I am envious, I have no children, many parents dream of what their children will do in the future, and how they will be proud of them.

I hope I lived a life worth living, a life my mother and father can say,
“We are proud of you son.”
I am proud of my mother and father, they lived a life worthy of being my parents, and they are the best in the world, irreplaceable.

Life is good, but it is a great leap of faith in serendipity, you must believe that good things are coming your way, that you are worthy of living a life worth living.

I am proud of my life, I am proud to know, I would make a good father, go out side and jump up and down, make a leap over tall building, be superman or superwoman.

Be the father, or mother your children will brag about, so your children go become the children you brag about.

Introspective in mind, serendipitous in action, that is a life worth living, it is mine, it can be yours, and always the best things in life are cheap and easy, they happen by accident when we put more value on friendship than things, stuff, or money.

Invest in time; never be too busy for friends, lovers, or children.

There are no guaranteed future memories, but serendipity always saves the day, when you have a leap of faith.

Sexy girls I met in Atakpame, Togo years ago, but did not speak any language I could speak.