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Dominican Republic Is Dangerous -- Why Africa Is Safer

Dominican Republic is the most dangerous country I have visited, more dangerous than Iraq, Haiti or 90 others. Let me explain why Africa is very safe.

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 23:30:04

I keep stopping into the Domican Republic to visit my expat friends, their crazy antics are the best fun on the planet.

Yet, after my 2013 trip to the Dominican Republic, I have to say,
"Enough is enough, the country is too dangerous for travel."

Dominican Republic Viloence

Why Do I Say Dominican Republic Is Violent?

1. The police extorted 1-3 of my friends per week in Sosua. This is nuts.

2. The British Guardian newspaper site says the Dominican Republic is: "The world's most dangerous country for drivers."

3. I hear of one armed robbery per week, with guns, like some inner city Detroit, Michigan, gang violence. It is just like you see in the films.

4. The people in the Dominican Republic are copying the gang culture and music of the USA. Their pants are down, and the music is dominating. This is not Caribbean paradise. Sosua has one of the best beaches on the planet, yet sadly, more expats are killed, arrested or extorted there than any other place I know of on planet earth.

5. Dominican Republic is the black America that everyone fears, the worst of the worst, something from a cliche ghetto movie. That is the DR.

This Bundle of Violence Is Too Heavy; Enough is Enough!

But What About Africa? What Is the Problem With Africa? Why Are People Afraid of Africa?

The problem with Africa is simple: It is full of black people, and Americans are afraid of large groups of black people. The mere idea of a group of black people in one spot brings out 500 years of racial fears.

We Must Look at What Africa Is, Not What America Is. ...

Yes, we Americans are politically correct in our words about black African culture. But the actions of Americans are obvious: They want nothing to do with a black African. And the black Americans are even worse. They actually get angry when I ask them to come to Africa.

All this is good for me. It will take another 20-30 years before they realize that African black culture is 90 percent different than the made-for-TV, HBO films of ghettoes. The cliche stereotype wins out in the minds of most American tourists, and I am rewarded for seeing that people are people. Color is irrelevant, but culture is not, though. We need to be afraid of cultures, not colors of skins.

There are many violent cultures. Some ARE black, but if you want true violence, then find a white culture. 50 million people were killed by white Nazi Germans in WWII. To accomplish true Holocaust-level violence, you need whites. And we still whitewash Germany, as if they did not do it. ...

What is Africa?

Each small village in Africa has existed for thousands of years. It is like small town Indiana: Everyone knows everyone, and nobody can get away with anything; they will catch you in seconds. Violence and theft are not tolerated.

CNN and the media can portray Africans in the worst possible ways, but refuse to truly say that the Germans killed 50 million while Africa is just a wimp. The facts are the facts: Africans make small wars; it takes the whites to drop atomic weapons.

Then, because 99 percent of travel writers NEED to speak English and are too lazy to get a visa, they travel to the 1 in 53 African countries that are dangerous. The go to South Africa. Nelson Mandela and his terrorist lifestyle, following the apartheid created by Europeans, makes this country one the last on my list countries to visit. Its violence level is about the same as the Dominican Republic’s.

AIDs is 20 plus percent there, and carjackings are normal … but then again, South Africa is full of white people. Go figure!

Stop being slow; be savvy. Africa has 53 countries and 2,000 plus languages. South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya, are not typical African countries; they are whitebread Africa.

But if you are honest, you will know that you are afraid of any large group of blacks in the USA, and rightly so. A large group of blacks in the USA is dangerous.

There is a reason I return to Africa. I love small town Indiana, and I love small town Africa. The people are a different color than me, but it has the small town life I need.

The best thing that has changed about travel in the last 10 years is that we no longer need to stop in the big, violent cities on the planet. We can actually visit the people of the country and bypass the violence of big cities. Just say no.

As an Indiana farm boy, I do not want New York culture to be my culture. And we should not allow your cliche view of Detroit inner city gang war movies to be superimposed onto Africa. It is just subconscious fears. Time to open your mind and come to Africa, before it changes.

This place is how South America was 15 years ago, a traveler’s paradise


Andy Lee Graham

PS: Remind me if I want to go back to Sosua that the place is too dangerous. I can choose from 253 countries; there is no need to choose a dangerous country … even if the boys of Sosua are like a John Steinbeck “Cannery Row” story in real life.

Dominican Republic is Dangerous, and Togo West Africa is 50 times safer.