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Crying Babies Ruins My Trip to Kuala Lumpur

When you plan your trip, try your best to avoid all crying babies.

Sat, 1 Dec 2012 01:58:58

Planning a trip is fun, often more fun than the actual trip, there is the anticipation that makes it all worth the time.

Yet, would you go on vacation if you knew it was going to rain the whole week?

Would you get on a bus if you knew there would be a baby screaming and crying the whole trip?

One bad experience can really destroy the memory, the dream.

Kuala Lumpur

I flew into Kuala Lumpur Airport last night, the trip from the Airport was one of the worst in my 15 years of perpetual travel.

This memory is so bad, my back hurts so much from walking 3-5 miles with my 30 kilo backpacks. I had no choice, there were no taxis, and every anticipated walk was 5 time further than expected. None of the information i was given was correct, all was misrepresented, the travel information was crap.

I am an extremely experienced traveler, and I am 100 percent positive, there is no way to always avoid the pain of travel, the only way to avoid it is to not travel.

I have only two nights in KL, and the bottom line is this, there is nothing I can do that would overwhelm the ugly, horrible, trip from the airport to my Hotel room.

I know I will always carry this memory with me...

Please, when you plan a trip, do your best to remove all major painful memories. I had no choice, there was no way to turn back.

Entry to Russia from Mongolia.

I was in Mongolia one time, and the woman who could help me to get a visa was trying to torture me, she was the worst. Instead of entering Russia, I purchased a ticket to Thailand and aborted my trip to Russia. I was lucky with the Russia trip, I was able to abort, and I will enter Russia in a good spirit.

One Bad Memory Can Ruin a Trip

There was no baby on the trip, it was just pure torture, I walked more with my backpacks than I did in the whole last year of my trip, it ruined this trip to KL.

I do not try to make the best of a bad memory, I accept them, live with them and go on with my life.

Life is Good, but better when we keep our bad memories to to a minimal.

Fun stuff, but I will never come back to KL.

The world is way to big to gamble twice on one destination.

Go do something else that is fun, as fast as possible... hehehe

Watch this video, he explains the story better than me:


Andy Graham

Kuala Lumpur