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Zoom in the Haiti Face Travel Tip

Photography is an art, however, there are some tricks, and taking good photos has become incredibly easy using a Digital Camera. Try to remember when each picture would cost one US. Dollars, now they are free, it is the camera and computer that cost money.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Saturday, December 26, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

There are cameras that work like machine guns, you can press the button and it goes click click click click click. I do not have this camera; it is too big, although one day I will. I need a special camera bag that does not look like a camera bag.

Take Many Photos

I took the photo above by zooming on the face of a willing model; she likes her photo taken, sits, and looks at me, however, this is not normal.

Label this photo number one.

Label this photo number two.

I use a program called DCE AutoEnhance 2.1 to resize my photos; I make them fit into a box 640 x 640 and less than 150 Kilobytes in size. However, I can go and play with the

I took the 3.22 Meg photo on my computer, opened in a graphics program. Copied this photo from the photo, and pasted as a new photo.
572 x 582 Pixels
228 Kilobytes in size
It is an odd size for this Travel Journal; I have either 640 x 480 or 480 x 640 as the standard.

The Problem
Readers subconsciously sense inconsistency, if I wanted to make you think, to become aware, I would make all the photos different sizes. I want to allow you to read quickly, to peruse articles and not have to think, I give you free will. The advertisement for you to vote is a different and odd size; this is an attempt to get you to focus.

I opened up the large photo labeled number two above, it is not the photo above, and this one is already shrunk and has lost pixels or clarity. I must open up the big one on my computer, and then zoom in the photo I want.

This is fun, it is an art, I took the best photo in my opinion by seeing it, not by cutting the photo out of a photo. Nonetheless, it is easy to get a great photo, buy the ever too expensive camera for about 1000-2000 U.S. Dollars, point the machine gun, the zoom in on the face.

I can take great photos, when I want, I normally do not want. There is a song and a dance to writing, the song is the writing, the dance is what you see. It is easy to overpower the song by a good dance routine. The balance of the two is what makes you feel, I feel a good writer uses the photos to point at the writing, not to dominate, however a pretty face can open a door faster than ideas.

If you want to be famous, my advice is to always include a photo; it is easy to take great photos with a machine gun camera. If you want to be respected, tell the truth, there is a difference. Many a photo lies, many a person lies, the true art is learning how to tell the difference.

Zoom in on the Haiti Face Travel Tip


Glad you're back!!! Great post.

Merry Christmas

Phil J

Great job. A joy to read over morning coffee.


No, if you really are in Haiti, then take a photo. I was there for two months and do not believe there is problem.

If you want to find this, got to the Philippines and learn how the cleaning ladies are sent to Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and used.

Andy Graham
Owner and Writer of this Travel Journal.